My Second Family

Several months, maybe a year ago my little sister was really in to YouTube. She was watching makeup videos and then began to get in to watching vloggers. For those of you noobs people who don’t know what a vlogger is… its a person who basically talks to a camera and shares their life. Anyway, she kept telling me things about her vloggers and I was all “cool story bro” and blew her off.
Some how some way I ended up watching one of the vlogs of Joey Graceffa It was funny and  I liked watching his life. Like any good addiction one led to another and now how ever long later I subscribe to 96 channels.
I look forward to YouTube videos more than most of my TV shows. I truly care about the people I follow. One of the people I follow recently had brain surgery and I was praying for him the whole time.  I mean come on I have never met the guy, and yet I truly cared that he made it throgh all right (he did).
I spend hours upon hours watching YouTuber’s videos. They are so much better than reality TV because it’s so real. I even go as far as following my new friends aka the people I stalk  on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
If you don’t subscribe to any YouTubers, and feel like your missing out, cuz you totes are here are a few of my favorite people and my favorite vidoes of them for you to enjoy.

FUNFACT: The book The Fault In Our Stars, was written by YouTubes very own John Green. He currently vlogs, on set of the movie and shoes exclusive behind the scenes. If you have not read The Fault In Our Stars, get out from under your rock you should I give it ten stars and completely recommend it.

MY TOP YOUTUBERS (aka my second family)

  1. SHAYTARDS The Shaytards is a normal American family, the Mom (Mommytard) and the Dad (ShayCarl) vlog their day to day lives and adventures with their 4, soon to be 5 kids, (Sontard10 Princesstard 8, Babytard 6, and Rocktard 3). The twist on their family that makes them fun is the Dad Shay’s influence on the family. He is wild crazy and does not care who knows it. Each of their kids is uniques and it’s been fun seeing the kids grow over the last 4 years. The birth of their 4th Kid, the video of them telling their 4 kids that they are pregnat again, are all on YouTube righ now for us to experience with them. Its heart warming to see a Mom and Dad that are in love and just normal people raising kids and go through the same things we go through. Currently, Shay is working on a real movie to be played in theaters called **Vlogumentary, (You can view the trailer by clicking on the word Vlogumentary.) It’s a documentary on his family and other YouTubers. ( I cried watching the trailer)  If you need a first  video to watch I recommend this one, It went viral and was even on Jimmy Kimmel. Check it out here!
  2. CTFxC This is a vlog channel of Charles and Alli Trippy a Florida couple that vlogs their everyday lives. Charles is the base player for the band We The Kings and Alli is his hilarious loving wife. Recently Charles has suffered 4 seizures and under gone 2 brain surgeries to remove a non-cancer brain tumor. The couple has vloged their entire relationship from Charles’s perposal to their wedding day to Alli vlogging in the car following the ambulance to the hospital to Charles actually vlogging during brain surgery. Their channel also holds the Guinness world record for most consecutive vlogs. They are also featured in the upcoming movie Vlogumentary. I recommend **this video
  3. Danisnotonfire Dan is a 22 year old UK young adult that films weekly videos about is life and other funny random things. He currently lives in London with his best friend Phil (AmazingPhil) together they host a radio show on BBC1 on Sundays. Not only is Dan cute, his accent and creative way of telling stories and making fun of himself is endearing and entertaining. As if the fun stops there, he also does weekly live shows on YouNow. (WARNING these videos contain cussing, and stuff that’s not for kids) I recommend this video
  4. AmazingPhil Phil is a 26 year old UK guy that is very similar to that of Dan. They are best friends and roommates, and co-hoets of BBC1 radios show. Phil is the sweetest guy in the world.  He makes videos weekly, funny videos about his life, and things like that. Phil as well as Dan makes weekly lives shows on YouNow too. I recommend this video
  5. The Mom’s View is a panel of YouTube Mom’s that get together each week to discuss different things in a YouTube Mom’s life, Love, Kids, Parenting, Social Media, everything. I first started watchign them because Mommytard was on there, but I actually really love to watch all the Mom’s get together and talk Mom to Mom, plus they are so funny and the host is very fun to watch as well. I recommend this video it was the first ever Mom’s view that I watched. P.S. they do live shows on YouTube Thursday’s at 2pm. 
  6. Sprinkle of Glitter Louise is a beauty guru form the Uk. She talks about make up fashion and her life and lots of different things. She is a beauty guru but her videos very a lot. She talks about her husband and daughter who is about 2, also. Whats fun about Lousie is her blatant honestly and disregard for what people think of her. She is hilarious and could talk about nothing and make it interesting. She is also very smart and witty making her videos all the more fun. She also has a vlog channel. I recommend this video
  7. Missglamorazzi Ingrid is a beauty guru in her mid 20’s. Her main videos are all about make up, skin care, fashion and things she likes such a TV, books, music, apps, and jewelry. My favorite thing about her is that at heart she is just a nerd who likes nerdy things and being honest and having fun. Still most of her videos revolve around make up but she is super honest and practical in what she is talking about and collaborates with tons of other fun YouTubers to make her channel always worth watching. I recommend this video
  8. Tyler Okley is a professional fangirl. Thats right. Tyler is flaming gay guy from California. Whats great about tyler is his honesty and way of explaining things. He as a wild life of hosting shows and red carpet events and interviews. He even interviewed his favorite bad 1D. Tyler is in no way an appropriate channel for kids. He does cuss a lot and talk about inappropriate things but he is so funny I literally die laughing out loud at each of his video’s and his twitter. Here is the link to his twitter, and **here is a video I recommend. 
  9. Prank Vs Prank features a couple Jena and Jesse who are in a life time prank battle. I’m not sure how it began but they are in all out war in pranking each other. They always get so mad when they initially get pranked then laugh and realize its all in good fun. The couple also has a Vlog channel where they upload daily videos about their everyday lives. Honestly, they are a cute couple that’s fun to watch. I recommend this video.
I know that was a ton of links and things to look at but it’s worth it, I promise. If you pressed for time I put a ** next to the links that are the most worth your time. 
What YouTubers’s do you watch? Tell me in the comments!

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