Joe Jonas Vulture Essay Reaction

Okay, so as a major Joe Jonas fan I feel the need to discuss my thoughts on this “Essay” written by Joe for New York Magazine.

So initially, I just read the headline “Joe Jonas smoked weed and lost virginity at age 20” I was like what the good golly gosh did I just read this is clearly utter crap (I almost said rubbish, too much English YouTubers) anyways, so I followed the link on like USWeekly, I believe, and was kinda stunned to read the legit quotes from the essay.

Although I have no right to be, and lets face it I’m just some super fan that he will never meet, I felt betrayed by the article. That was an after thought at first I was just pure stunned and had to take it in and read the actual article HERE.
First, I felt guilty for liking the Jonas Brothers that Disney produced. I remember when the music video for Year 3000 came out in 2005 (I was 13) and I was like “Wow there so cute!!!”, I believe I am actually thinking of the Poor Unfortunate Souls Video… Yep I am.

The way Joe wrote the essay, I actually felt like I was a jerk for enjoying Disney’s Jonas Brothers. Like I was responsible for making him miserable. Like Disney was trying to please me at his expence.
I can in a way relate to having to grow up a little bit. I in my years have had my share of having to deal with things that were at the time beyond my years. Demi Lavato put that really well (though I kinda dislike her) she said in her teenaged mind she though that “if I’m old enough to deal with these things that are beyond my years then I feel I was old enough to handle things that I was actually not ready to handle.” I agree. That was me in some ways. I felt that way in my teen years. Back to Joe, I understand where he got that vibe dealing with an adult career at a young age.
After my initial stun I again felt betrayed. I was so suprized that he name dropped and threw both Disney and Hollywood Records under the bus. Like I was taught that no matter the circumstances you NEVER speak ill of people you worked with in the past. I felt it was the immature thing to do. Also the plug at Taylor Swift was just pure tasteless (though I dislike Taylor as well, ironically her song was playing on shuffle when I type that Haha.).

Okay so lets talk about the differetnt things we learned.

  • Weed with Demi and Miley: Big No no in the name dropping as I said, and big no no on the details of Demi’s drug use. Like really, did you seriously go there. I appreciated Demi’s tweet to him later saying she loved him. Props to Demi. (Yes, I just said that). Honestly, we as fans would be pretty nieve to think that he hasn’t smoked weed. Like really, a teen star in Hollywood… I was not that surprised. That goes the same for the underaged drinking (though it was in a place where it was legal) and the getting hammered at 21. 
  • Lost virginity at 20: Okay for reals it’s no one’s business who you choose to sleep with, or uour  sex life in general unless they are directly involved in it i.e. the chick he did it with, (or a doctor) or God (since religiously it’s a cherished thing). Seriously, immature to talk about it. Then to basically say who with (Ashley Geene) and to go on to say he had sex with a Disney star (My suspicion is that it was, Chelsea Stub) and then say that he hooked up a few times wile he was single. Like really, way to sound like a man whore. Also, I kinda think we saw this coming with the serious lack of enthusiasm they showed about the purity rings. Also, again the rock star in LA thing I think we knew he wasn’t a virgin. 
  • The pressure from Disney, Fans and Parents: Okay, as far as Disney, Dylan Sprouse explained that best HERE, Joe and the Jonas Brothers could have said no. They were free to walk. They choose the fame and money for whatever reason over all that they gave up. They could have walked and been signed somewhere else, there was people that would have signed them. Pressure from Fans as I said is frustrating. We would have loved them being honest too. Like haters always going to hate, but the true fans would have stayed even if they were more edgy and more grown up. As far as pressure from their parents. He sounds like the reason the stereo type of pastors-kids-that-lash-out exists. All kids feel pressure from their parents. No one wants to disappoint there parers, we don’t all go and smoke weed, drink and have sex to get over it.
  • More facts about the Jonas Break up: I think it was inevitable, the break up I mean. Lets be honest the recent Jonas Brothers singles kinda sucked. Like decent beat but no flare. Nick is the true musician, Joe was always just a front man, although a decent one, and Kevin was the peace maker between the two. I think that was more truly seen in Joe’s album Fastlife, that frankly was subpar. Whereas Nick’s band’s CD was actually good. I think that now that Kevin is married and has a daughter on the way that became more real that they are better suited moving on. 
Finally, I have to say I feel bad for Joe. All of these things that should have been privately delt with had to be public because of his career path. I understand that, and that is hard. I do feel bad that he felt that he has to get all this off his chest, and that he felt a responsibility to share it. 
All in all, I think he handled the whole thing poorly and should not have written the article. The good news is he is only 24 and has his whole life ahead of him to grow up and hopefully mature in his ways. 
Lastly, yet another Disney star looses it. Maybe, this reoccurring them should be better looked at. 
Let me know your thoughts! 

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