Procrastination Post

Sup! So I am in the middle of working on an outline for my directed study that I need to have done by tomorrow, since I am meeting my prof (German, pronounced like Her-mon) and he will expect to see it. I was also scrambling to finish some precalc then I received a email once I got my phone off air plane mode that said due dates postponed. Gosh I hate Precalc, I desperately wanna drop it but I feel like that’s a bad idea. I also need to work on my Belmont app essay on why I think I would be a successful law student. I have several ideas on what I wanna say but its just daunting to think about at this point. Also have a Economics Society officers on Tuesday, that I need to run since I’m the president of the club, haha.
A few things this week, my application to NCUR (national conference for undergraduate research) was accepted and EWU will be paying for me to fly to Lexington Kentucky the first week of spring quarter so I can attend the conference. They also pay for hotel and food. I’m so stoked. I will be presenting the paper that I am writing in my directed study with German on the affects of Obamacare economically on hospitals productivity… no it’s not political at all, it like 90% straight up econometrics and 10% math. I’m so excited. I’m also really nervous. But mostly excited.
Saturday night I worked the Roadshow with Madison at the arena. It was so fun. We sold merch for Third Day. (Yes, I got a free t-shirt) I also got to see a bit of the show. It was a lot of fun. (There are pictures and videos on my Insta) It made me appreciate the music industry so much more. I got to see a lot of the business side and it was more… organized than I thought. I always saw the music industry as this cut-throat, ruthless industry that did more music involved things than actual business. I may look in to writing contracts for the music biz one day. Maybe some of there corporate law stuff.
As time goes on I find my self more and more excited about Belmont. Yes, law school scares me but I am capable of doing it, not to say that it won’t be like the hardest thing I ever do. I also can’t wait to room with Madison and Tayler (her big bro). I love Madison to death and for the first time in, maybe my entire life, she really knows me and accepts me. The not replying to texts, enjoys staying home, sarcastic, sadistic, ass hole, crazy, bible thumping, freak that I am. She accepts me and loves me, heck I struggle to do that with my self. I trust her, and Tayler. I just see this big adventure before us and it just makes me so happy.
So I have a doctors appointment with the behavioral health people this week. I’m nervous. I just uhhgg I get anxious thinking about things like that. I also am kind of afraid of what I may find out too. What if I’m really a mentally unstable crazy person? This is probably just the hypochondriac in me talking but none then less.
Also, goal is to work out more than twice this week. I’m meeting Al, at 7am so thats a good start.
Okay back to work!


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