Unconditional Love

It’s when you love someone and your love for them is stronger than their fault could ever be. It’s when you love someone weather they deserve it or not.

Stop and think for a minunet. Who do you love unconditionally? For me it was a short list not guanna lie. But there people really stuck out that I wanna talk about it.

Baby Sister:
I love my sister no matter what. No matter what mistakes she makes, triumphs she expiriances, or choices she makes. I will still stand by her and be on her side. Why? Because I love who she is as a person.

Before I talk about the last person I wanna bring up another perspective, stop for a second and think about who loves you unconditionally. Besides the Lord one other really stuck out to me. Again this is not a complete list of any sorts this is just some things I wanted to talk about.

My Dad is the first person I thought about when I thought about who loved me unconditionally. Idk how he did it but I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that my dad would do anything for me. He would go to war again and again for me no matter what I did, his love for me has nothing to do with me. He just loves me cuz he does. 

Unconditional love may not make any logical sence but it’s real. Look around in your life for the people you love unconditionally and the people that love you unconditionally. It’s a very powerful thing to realize.

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