New Job

For the holiday season I applied for a little job. Babe, will be working too so it makes it easier if I have something to do as well. After all a little extra money never hurt. 

So I got the job at my local fabric store. So far this week I have worked three, four and a half hour shifts and one, five hour shift. 
All my shifts this far have been training shifts, the first two i shadowed someone and the second two I did alone under very close supervison.
My favorite things todo, are work the cutting counter, and registers. I don’t mind the other things, I just suck at putting the fabric back, and putti merch back. Mostly because I don’t know the store that well yet. 
It’s not fun having a shift hanging over my head like I know it’s coming, that kinda ruins my day a bit. 
I do enjoy the work, the first two shifts where long but thease last two went pretty quick. 
I’ve had to work out what shoes are the most comfortable to stand in for that long, so far Toms, and tennis shoes were best oddly enough. Vans sucked, no arch support.
I keep telling my self that I will enjoy the money, sadly tho I started working on pay check week so I have to wait three weeks to get a pay check, but it will
Be a decent sized one. I can’t wait to blow it all on Christmas presents. 🙂
I assume the people that hired me know I have a disability, but they haven’t asked and I’m not offering it up to any co Workers. I’m scared to. But like when I screw up my words or struggle to communicate i vaguly wish I could tell them it’s not because I’m not smart.
I so enjoy all the crafts. I really do love a lot of what we sell. Especially the holiday stuff. 
Let you know how it goes 🙂

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