I Just Need to Write

So Tonight at work I was helping a guest cut some fabric. Wile I was cutting she and her screaming 4 year old went to grab another fabric. 

I finished cutting her piece just when two high school girls come up to have fabric cut. They were being loud and cussing and just annoying, saying how they didn’t know what to get their boyfriends.
Wile cutting the fabric for them (the high school girls) the lady (with the screamingn kid) had come back and a couple had pulled a number. I don’t know what order that happened. 
When I was done I said “next” and when the couple approached I informed them kindly that I thought the lady with the still screaming child was first.
The couple looked angry, the lady turned and put her head in to her husbands chest they then left their fabric and number on the cutting country and walked away.
I proceeded to finish the screaming kid fabric.
Later the lady from the couple came back and I asked her if she wanted her fabric cut.
This is what she said.
“It’s too late for that, is your number system down? why are you not following it?” 
I explained it was 10 min to close I had a rush of people- she cut me off.
“I came back to get your name so I could complain. Also you need to tell someone your store is filthy, just l look at the dust everywhere (as she pointed to the sign 15+ feet above the cutting counter”
She then proceeded to walk away leaving me and a co-worker stunned. We just looked at eachother like “did that actually happen!” I then trying to joke it
Off asked my manager if I would be fired for punching a guest. She said yea and not to take it too seriously there is always a pissed coustomer.
At first I was angry.
I wanted to cry and give that bitch a piece of my mind.
I had to calm myself down and realize, it was one lady’s misunderstanding in a stressful moment. 
I try to do a good job at work. I really do. The other day a elderly lady and a 40 something lady came to the register as were buying a rotary cutter and cutting mat. 
Through conversation I found out the items were for the granddaughter who just started quilting and loved it.
Her total came to 30$.
I quickly told her there was a kit we sold that had a bigger mat, a guided ruler, and a better rotery cuter for 57.99$ and since it was a regularly priced item she could use our online coupon for 50% off a regularly priced item. 
They were thrilled. Because of me taking my time that girl now gets a way better gift and the grandma saved a few cents. 
I do stuff like that all the time or offer coupons to people whenever I can, something I was never told to do.
I had to realize that overall im doing my best. One bitch should not have the authority to take that from me, so I won’t give her that authority.
Merry Christmas icky Lady, hope you get the stick out. 

What Defines You

A wise person once told me that having a disability doesn’t define you. It’s just something about you. I’ve been tossing that around in my mind. A mental disability kinda does define you. My parents keep talking about thinks I did as a child, calling them by their first names, at age two, putting my hand on the back of the passenger seat of my Barbie jeep as I backed up. Those were things I did because I am an aspie. I was already being a chemelion and mimicking their behavior.

In a lot of ways being an aspie does define me. I’ve been fighting with realizing that my “faults” are really aspie traits. I’m not simple a broken human. I’m an aspie. I’m struggling to see thoes traits that the world and my self have told me are defecits to me personality for so long I can’t see them as just aspie traits. I still see them as broken.
I don’t wanna be defined as broken.