What Defines You

A wise person once told me that having a disability doesn’t define you. It’s just something about you. I’ve been tossing that around in my mind. A mental disability kinda does define you. My parents keep talking about thinks I did as a child, calling them by their first names, at age two, putting my hand on the back of the passenger seat of my Barbie jeep as I backed up. Those were things I did because I am an aspie. I was already being a chemelion and mimicking their behavior.

In a lot of ways being an aspie does define me. I’ve been fighting with realizing that my “faults” are really aspie traits. I’m not simple a broken human. I’m an aspie. I’m struggling to see thoes traits that the world and my self have told me are defecits to me personality for so long I can’t see them as just aspie traits. I still see them as broken.
I don’t wanna be defined as broken.

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