Book Review: If I Stay

So I Redboxed the movie Maze Runner because I read the book in 2012 and loved it and so I wanted to see how the movie was. I waited till it was on RedBox because frankly, I didnt have much faith in the book movie process for a sci-fi book. Anyway, one of the previews was for If I Stay and wile watching the preview I was reminded that it sounded like a book I would like to read at least. So naturally, I got it on Amazon.

About the Book:
I got it on Amazon Kindle for 3.25$ after tax.
I read it on my Kindle over two days.
It’s about 200 pages and I read it on my iPad mini.
Would recommend the book (not the movie.)

I liked the book. I liked that it flipped back and fourth from the present to the past. I liked that Mia, the main character seemed real and I understood her. Even related. I don’t like to call my self a musician, although I do play the flute, and baritone and have been playing music for nearly a decade.
I liked relating to that side of Mia. The side that feels music and can’t explain the love and draw she has toward it. There is something so magical about playing music and I loved that I related to that feeling in her.

My greatest fear for a long time has been losing my family. I always felt they were all I had that had not left me and loosing them would be my demise. The initial car wreck and realization of her parents death hit me there. I can see her pain. I can fathom it.

Basically the book is Mia’s debate between accepting her loss and choosing to live and choosing to join her family in the great beyond. One thing I liked that the book did not do that the movie did do (yes, I rented the movie as soon as I finished the book) was show that responsibility Mia felt to her brother. She told him wile he was alive that she would nt leave him. I relate to that feeling. My parents some time ago, wrote in there will that I would become the sole gardiens of my brother and sister should my parents leave this life early. I get that feeling of responsibility regardless of weather or not you are ready to accept it. Mia told Teddy (her brother) she would never leave him. I would never leave my siblings. That feeling I related too. I liked that the movie captured that.

At a point in the book Mia basiclly decided that she is going to let go. Her grandfather in a very emotional piece tells her that he understands. Though it will be hard for him he will give her the gift of allowing her permission to leave this world. I have no reasoning for this but I liked that he did that for her.

Some other points I liked were that Mia struggled in her relationship. It was new and hard and awkward but then there are moments where they just connect even though they are very different people.

Her family seemed a bit too good to be true. I realize it was trying to be a positive memory of the family but I guess I wanted more realistic family matters.

I don’t like where the book stopped. I wanted something different in her choice to stay.

I don’t like that her boyfriend choose to be a pushover for her. I feel like he was being forced to choose his dream or her. But I understand where he was coming form.

The movie was slow I felt myself willing it to keep going to get to the better parts.

With music being such a big part of Mia, I feel that was lacking in the movie. I was not head over heals for the soundtrack and I felt that I should have been.


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