Adopting a FurBrother for Lulu

So it all started with an innocent trip to Petco with a few friends to get Louis (Emily’s Dog) a new ball. We got in the store and saw that the ASPCA had cats to adopt in glass cages. I grew fond of a cat named Eugene. So I decided to ask how much. I was thinking it would be astronomical since all ASPCA animals come vaccinated and spayed/neutered so the I would easily be shot down in my plans and no big deal. Well the ASPCA runs the animal adoptions so to ask questions you have to call. So I got the number from the lady and called. Turns out animal adoptions for kittens (under a year, Eugene was 10m, (same as Lu)) its only 60$. So great, the number I had in my mind prior to calling was around 50$.

So we decided to go to the ASPCA since it was just down the road and look. Emily wanted to look at the puppies and I never say no to cute animals so there. Well, we get there and sign in and go back and first cage I see has two great and black striped kittens. Like 6-8 weeks old. The first cat i tried to pet, later found out was the girl. She seemed really disinterested in my. SO I moved over to the boy cat. That little sales man he grabbed my fingers with is paws and started licking/biting them. Then of course while he had me in is sites the lady surly his partner in crime asked if we want a room. Next thing I know I’m holding that sweet boy in my arms with his head under my chin purring away.

After that there was no way I was saying no. So I filled out all the application paperwork and we left. The lady said that thy would review my application hopefully get me approved and then call me to come get him if he is already neutered. IF he is not the we have to wait for that but I should hear from them on Wednesday. I am first in line for him. His sister is already on hold for adoption too so I feel less bad taking him.

The we where in the room playing with him i.e. snuggling him. We started brainstorming names his name is currently Jackston (sisters name is Paxton), but I can still change it since he is so young. I was looking at him and Grayson came to mind. A more sophisticated and grownup name for a sweet little boy to grow in to.

So I called my Mom after Petco and she said don’t do it. Called Dad while I was holding Grayson and he said no too. Called dad after the paper work was done and told him and the great man and parent that he is said. I support you, and love you no matter what. Even if it means two kittens.  Mom was less than enthused but she said she still loved me and was no mad so it went all in all okay. I tried to set lulu down and tell her but she just wanted to cary around his new collar. But she loves playing with Louis and Gimp (Matt’s cat) so I think Lulu will be excited to be a big sister and not be so lonely when I’m gone all day.

Sadly, in all the commotion I forgot to take any pictures. I honestly though I would be taking him home that day so it was not in my mind to take his picture.

Anyway. I’m now beginning my crazy cat lady life.


Mental Illness, Mental Disability

So, this was a post that I started but could never finish. I just don’t know what to say, how to explain it. You know? Anyway… feel free to read.

For some reason when people talk about mental illness, its a made up thing. You would never tell a person with diabetes to just start making insulin. Or tell a person with a brain tumor to just stop growing it. Yet people with depression are told to “suck it up, everyone has hard days” or tell the person with anxiety to just relax. As if it were that easy. It’s not asking a person with anxiety to relax, its the same as telling the diabetic to make insulin. Hell, if they could they would.

I have, ADHD, Autism (Aspergers Syndrome), Anxiety and Manic Depressive Disorder.

I was diagnosed with everything I just listed within the last 4 years. Yes, I went most of my life with no diagnosis. 13 years of pre college school, and 4 years of college with no diagnosis and no medications. No answers and feeling like an outsider who was missing some manual that clearly everyone else had read.

When I was in the first grade we were asked to color a picture for teddy bear then bubble cut it out. It was my first day in that class because I was pulled from the second grade to redo the first grade. I cut my teddy bear out along the lines and then spend the next month with my teddy bear standing out as the only one cut along the lines when everyone else’s was cut out bubble cut style. Our teacher hung all the teddy bears for everyone to see. Yes, to see my mistake.
Thats how I felt most of life. Like a misfit teddy bear desperately trying to fit in.