Home At Last

Well after waiting 2 weeks, the ASPCA finally called! Grayson had been neutered that morning and was ready to come home. Thankfully, I was already planning on going to Lima, OH. that day so I was already there with my pet carrier just incase such occasion were to happen.
The first 24 Hours:
Well the first 24hours went about as well as could be expected. I set the crate down and let Lulu sniff it for a while, then when she seemed okay I let Grayson out in an isolated room with her. They sniffed and lulu watched everywhere he went. She was not really thrilled with him. Then as time went on she started growling and hissing if he came too close to her, but he was smart enough to take the hint and back off. I set up Grayson in my room and lulu kept her bathroom to herself. So they each had their own place to feel safe. 
That night I had friends over and alternated one cat in a room one out with us. So they could get a break from eachother. 
Then to sleep I put Grayson in his crate in my room next to my bed and let lulu sleep in bed with me. Though she choose the furthest spot from Grayson as physically possible. He had no accidents in the crate and has had no accidents at all actually. He slept fine and so did lulu and I though I woke up a few times to check on them both. 
Today I went to the library for a while and let Grayson in my room and let lulu roam the house. They did fine for a few hours. Then I came home and they have been sharing space ever since. The hissing stalking and growling got less the longer they were together. Eventually they both passed out on separate couches. 
Days to Come:
I plan to keep lulu sleeping with me so she feels like nothing has changed. Tonight she wanted to be pet in bed with me like normal (the night before she didn’t wanna be touched) so I take that as progress. They will be separated when I am not able to supervise for a while but once I’m confident they will not hurt one another they will be together. 
I think lulu will like not being alone so much once she gets use to him.

Tools of the Trade: ADHD/Autism

Here are some of the tools I use to manage my ADHD and Aspergers.

Fidget Toys:
Magnet ropes, wood squares on a rubber band, bendy necklace, silly putty, circular puzzle, play dough. I love my fudged toys I play with them when I am trying to focus on something else. Like listening to a lecture in class. They also can be relaxing. I buy most of them from Stimtastic.

Exercise Ball Chair
I ordered mine from Amazon (here is the link to the one I bought, I got mine on sale for $49.99). I read this article about them on Pinterest and was willing to give it a shot. So I ordered one and I love it. It bothered my back muscles for a few days but I got stronger and it got more comfortable. You can sit in it for long periods of time too. Plus, all the bouncing. All. The. Bouncing.

Emotional Support Animal
One day while I was in therapy…. I never wanna start another sentence like that. Anyway. My therapist and I where talking about combatting loneliness. Being an Aspie I require a lot of alone time and though I require it and enjoy it, it’s lonely needing to be alone so much. It was actually my Mom’s idea to get a cat but it was my therapists idea to make her a Emotional Support Animal (ESA). The only difference between having a cat and having an ESA  is registering it. (i.e. paying 70$ and having a psychologists letter) I learned what I know about ESA’s here. Please enjoy this picture of Lulu, my precious baby who keeps me company while I study. That way I’m not alone yet, I can still be getting me time.

Privacy Pop
This is the best thing since sliced bread. I ordered mine here. Its amazing I actually fall asleep faster with this. It makes you feel more secure which autistic people love. It also makes my bed a fort. Major plus there. Of course I got the purple one.
I originally got the tent pictured below but it was slanted so my cat could climb it. At 3am. Loudly. and you had to have the fitted sheet that came with it on there to hold it up and it was scratchy.

Weighted Blanket
I love my DIY weighted blanket. It’s bascilly two Wal-Mart blankets sewn together with rice in the middle. I followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest. I also used rice because it was cheeper and I’m on a Student budget.