My Beauty Routine: Before and After

You should know by now that I am not a beauty blogger of any sort. I just talk about what makes me happy. That brings me to makeup. I have been wearing makeup everyday since about the 7th grade. It started out as just a little eyeshadow and clear mascara and is now a full face. 

I wanna talk about what occasions I wear make up for. First off, I don’t usually wear makeup to class. If all I have going that day is class I don’t see the point in putting on a full face since no-one but me will appreciate the time and effort (aka how early I got up).  That being said I do sometimes wake up and have time and decide to wear makeup to make myself feel pretty. I enjoy wearing makeup, applying it and enjoy the end result. If I am going out to some event I always wear make up unless it’s to a pool party, but besides that I generally always wear makeup. 
With out further introduction, her is my before and after makeup face. 
In this photo I am wearing the following makeup applies in this order:
  • SmashBox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
    • Applied with fingers
  • E.L.F. Flawless Finish Foundation: Porcelain
    • Applied with a Sigma foundation brush
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
    • Set with E.L.F Flat top powder brush
  • Cover Girl Professional Loose Powder: translucent light (110)
    • Applied with Real Techniques Large Powder Brush
  • E.L.F Golden Bronzer
    • Applied with Sigma Bronzer Brush
  • E.L.F Blush: Pink Passion
    • Applies with E.L.F. Large Blush Brush
  • Urban Decay Naked 2: Foxy (Brow Line), Half Baked (Lid), SnakeBite (crease)
    • Applies with Naked 2 pallet brush, E.L.F dome shaped Eye shadow brush, Other end of the Naked 2 pallet brush
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: Trooper
  • Essence Get Big Lashes
  • Marc Jacobs Lipstick: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Fist I wanna say that I rotate foundations a lot. I also use E.L.F Acne Fighting Foundation, Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation mousse, Maybelline FIT Me Matte Powerless foundation and sometimes just BB cream (I use Maybelline Pure BB). I use so many because sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for the nicer stuff and I am stuck with E.L.F, and sometimes I wanna try something new. I would say my favorite is the E.L.F Flawless Finish that I am wearing in the photo. It have complete coverage, smells nice, and goes on smooth. It does oxidize though out the day but its a solid 6hour foundation. 
I swear by Urban Decay setting spray. I wish I had never tried it because I will never use water to set my makeup again. However, it is spendy. The smaller bottle cost 15$ at Sephora. So sometimes I buy E.L.F Setting spray (3$) poured in an empty urban decay setting spray bottle (What, it has a good sprayer).
I like loose powder as opposed to pressed powder. Yes, Its more messy and yes you lose more of it but I feel it looks better and you can get more on your face. I do use pressed powder for touch ups through out the day since its easier to carry around and less messy. When I use pressed powder I apply it with E.L.F. Kabuki brush. 
I wear the wrong blush tone for my skin shade. I always had problems finding blush because I was buying these colors that I didn’t like on my face. So one day I said “If being right doesn’t make me happy then I don’t wanna be right” and bought the blush I am wearing in the photo. I love the whimsical aspect to the color and the way it makes my look more fun. Make up wearing should be about what makes you feel good and less about what people say you should wear. 
Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet, oh how I adore thee. I first bought it as a present to my little sister Allie. Then she used it on me and I had to have one. I swear by it and will recommend it to every makeup wearer out there. Its so SO pigmented and last FOREVER, I have had mine since 2014 and though I am hitting pan on a few colors some are still full. None of them are complexly empty. I loved t so much that when the Naked 3 came out I bought that one too. Though 2 is still my favorite, Shh, don’t tell 3. 
I love eye liner. Once again, my eyes are very hooded and small and I should not we are a full line of eye liner on my top lid like I do. But it looks good to me and makes me happy so I do it. I should add that Allie is the one that first told me that make up is about making you happy, and make you look good in your own eyes, not making you look good in someone else’s eyes. Anyway, I spent years looking for the perfect eye liner that stated on, went on easy, and looked the best. I started with pencil liner in about 8th grade and wore that till I discovered gel liner. Gel stayed on longer and if you could get it on good looked better. But it was hard to apply. Some tears of frustration were defiantly shed. Then one day I walked in to the holy grail of make up. A utopia for the beautiful, Sephora. I tried every liquid liner there because I wanted winged eyeliner and I was sure liquid was the only way to get it. Truth be told I hates all of them. Then a magical moment happened. I walked over to the Kat Von D display and tried the tattoo eye liner. It’s liquid but on a like almost felt pen type brush that always stays together. I cringed when I say the price (19$) but I knew that it had to be done. I so bought it. Since that day in 2014, I have got though 2 of them and just started my third one a few days ago. So it’s well worth the bang for your buck. 
Last bu not least I wanna talk lipstick. First of all everyone scroll up and look at how perfect of a bottom lip I have. Its plump, shapely and perfect size. (Sometimes it’s okay to brag) Anyway I got this lipstick as a free gift for my birthday from Sephora. It comes in a mini lipstick its so adorable I literally can die happy now that I have seen it. Anyway I didn’t get to choose the color so I was skeptical. But the first time I tried it on it was perfect everyday lipstick. It’s natural looking, yet there is some color there and some how I just fell in love and will totally be buying the full size as soon as  can afford it. ($30)
Well, thats all I have to say about my makeup routine. Please tell me about your makeup routine and wha you like and dont like. How did you find the things you love, and what do you love about them. What makeup are you wearing on a daily basis? Whats your favorite thing to put on?


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