Painting: Anxiety/ADHD Relief #realtalk

I wanna talk about how painting has affected my life. Guys, painting is amazing. I know it sounds super nerdy and like you have to be artsy and all that and be really good to actually paint well I am here to tell you that all that is a LIE. I am not artsy, I like art but I have no greater than average talent. not to be modest, again this is #realtalk. Another lie I have found is the lie that painting is expensive. Well, I will have you know that Walmart (totes love Walmart) has paints for 50 cents each. Yep, 50 cents. A set of brushes is around 5$ for ones that don’t completely suck and canvases can be under 10$. I recommend finding a sale and stocking up, sometimes the craft stores have sales. There you have it you just got a hobby that will change your life and you didn’t even spend 20$. Skip 2 trips to McDonalds and there you have a hobby. Just wanted to clear that lie up. 
What has blown my mind is how I feel when I paint. For however long I paint, I lose reality. More importantly I lose my anxiety, for the moment sadly the Son of a… always comes back. But thats not the point the point is that I found a way to rid my self of anxiety. This didn’t hit me till recently because anxiety is like a really bad head ache in that you so notice when its there but when it goes away you don’t even realize it has left. 
When I paint all I focus on is the painting. I’m not worried about time, people, myself, how I look, anything. I am only focused on taking the image thats in my mind and creating it with my two hands. I love the satisfaction of creating something and saying its mine I did that. Also, paintings are relatively quick to do 1-2 hours for me usually, and to have a start to finish project is satisfying. 
I wanna talk more about how losing anxiety changes a person. Anxiety for those of you who don’t live with it, is hell. Yes, there are ways to manage it and cope with it but nothing takes it away completely not like painting. I am finding that painting my biggest worry is “is this gonna turn out okay or did I just wast a canvas” well guess what, canvases can be painted over and its not a wast to paint a crappy painting its a learning experience. I was once told in a art class that if a painting really doesn’t turn out hang it sideways and say it’s modern art. Yes, even I have to remind myself of that when painting but really a world where that is your biggest problem is pretty fan-freakin-tastic. 
Anyway I encourage everyone to paint. Young, old, in-between, artistic, non-artistic everyone. Any if you don’t know what to paint or don’t know anything about painting like me, you can go to YouTube and watch full tutorials on how to paint. I have done several guided paints and they all magically turn out like a variation of the artists painting. A KyraVersion if you will. 
Here are some of the paintings I have done. I even sold one! Granted it was a garage sale, to a 5 yo for a quarter. Whatever it makes me a pro painter. 
What do you want me to paint next? What have you painted? How has painting helped you in your life?
Enjoy. Sorry I paint so many cats. Lol
*** this is the original pic’s no photoshop or filters***

This is the one I sold


3 thoughts on “Painting: Anxiety/ADHD Relief #realtalk

  1. I love your paintings and Happy that it helps you feel better! I do not paint but I too have anxiety and take meds for it! Yes it has helped me and I'm looking forward to driving those steeps, scary forest service roads here in a few weeks! My meds have really helped Brad. I would like to see some paintings of dags and a hunting camp pic. Thanks,

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  2. […] Click Here for the original post I did on anxiety and painting. […]


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