With the anti-abortion stuff going down I see a few issues. the first being that we are not fully fixing the problem. A face book friend of mine pointed out that with defunding of abortion stuff their should be funding for adoptions and fostering. What an excellent point. How can we say you have to keep that baby alive when we have no place for it once it’s born? Its just creating a new problem not solving one. 

It has been on my heart to adopt for some years now. We had a family friend adopt a little girl from China and seeing that process not only made me wanna be a mother when I was unsure that I had it in me to be one, but it made me certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to adopt as well. 
I never talked about wanting to be a Mom when I grew up, as a child. I was a tomboy and with having Aspergers I struggle with emotions and frankly didn’t know how to handle then preconceived notion that women should become mothers. Now I’m not saying that is true. No women should feel pressured to be a mother if she doesn’t want to. What I am saying is that I was different then other little girls. That nurturing instinct was not in me. When my mother had my baby brother I was so dis-interested that I don’t remember the first year of this life, basically at all. Where as my sister she was all over the mothering baby stuff. She carried around a baby doll till she was… not to embarrass her but it was a long time. 
Seeing the family friend adopt opened my eyes and my heart in a way that I never quite understood. It showed me love and acceptance in a way that just spoke to me. It switched on my nurturing side in a way. Suddenly I could see my self adopting and loving my God given child with all my heart and soul. 
Adoption is beautiful. It’s birthing a child out of love. It’s growing your family in love. Some people wonder would I love that child as much as my own flesh and blood? That child may not be given to you from your own flesh and blood but that child is just as much a gift from God. How could you not love a gift from God with all your heart? 
For me I always pictured adopting form a foreign country because I knew that orphans are treated poorly in other countries. My goal would be to remove a child from that situation, in the same swoop as adding to my family. Black, white, Chinese, Russian, Ethiopian, different languages, whatever that kid would be MY kid, whether it looked like me or not. I would love it all the same and celebrate our differences and grow together in learning about their history as much as learning about mine. 
The idea of adopting special needs has come to my heart as well. If it were Gods plan I would certainly adopt a special needs child with out a second thought. I was raised in an OHANA, where we are all for each other. That is now I intend to raise my family as well. So if for example we adopt a child that was deaf, then the whole family Grandma and Grandma included would be learning ASL. We would also do it with a happy heart because it would not be for us but for the well being of a member of the family. That is something I was raised to always fight for, no matter the cost. 
I have a Facebook friend that fosters children and talks about it on their Facebook page. I love seeing the lights that the skids are bringing to their lives and the light that is being instilled in the children they foster. 
I have never really though about being a foster parent till recently. If God called me to be a foster Mom, I would do it in a heart beat. The chance to love a child and show then the love that Jesus has for them before they go off in to the world warms my heart. 
It would be on elf the hardest things in the world for me to love a child and then watch them leave me , even if it was leaving me to be adopted in to a nice family it would be hard. What fuels me to want to do this despite know ing they may have to leave is this. What if the love I give them is the only life they see in their child hood? What if without me there would have not been love, or the chance to know Jesus. How could I sit back and watch a child live without a home and love and knowing Jesus when I have that to offer? Thats what fuels me. 
Will I be the best parent the world has ever known, I don’t know. Will I try harder then ever, of course. I want to wait to have children, or adopt or foster, until I have the funds to do so. I don’t wanna raise a kid in a life where their needs aren’t met. Emphasis on Needs not Wants. 
Anyway, let me know what you think about adoption and fostering. 
Thanks for Reading!

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