The Kind of Parent I Wanna Be, Some Day

This is a weird flashback post, but I think it’s cool to look back and see what I was thinking. So This post is about the kind of parent I wanna be when I become a parent someday, if i become a parent someday. As you know I do wanna adopt someday, and I am on the fence about birthing a biological child. But, if God blesses me with children I will be thankful and raise them the best I can.

Anyway, six years ago. SIX YEARS PEOPLE! I wrote about this topic on my first ever blog. Don’t go trying to find it, it’s been taken down due to my thinking it was too personal for the world to read. However, I still hold copies of all the 2,400 posts. Yes, you read that correctly. I thought it would be fun to look what I wrote about some topics then and then compare it to how I feel now, 6 years later. So the following is 2 posts that I wrote back in the day about future kids.
Now, few disclaimers, one this is directly copied and pasted from the old blog so all the spelling mistakes are still here, read with caution. Second, I liked to stir up things when I was younger so please be forgiving to my 18 year old mind. 
With out further introduction, here is my first post on future kids, called “Kids”. Directly Following it is a post called “50 Things I will Do as a Parent.” The Date and time is the date and time posted on the old blog.

Thursday, February 24th 2011

No i don’t have any.. I would like kids eventually like in 15 years or so… but i wanna get married first (that;s how god intended it) and to get married you need a man.. Don’t got one yet. God has a very special guy picked from me though, he has every thing i ever wanted in a and through my eyes he is perfect. Can’t wait to meet him he sounds pretty great huh! Sence he is perfect he will want kids too. I don’t know if i wanna have kids it sound like alot of mess and pain and idk icky. I do want to adopt fro sure. I may Chang my mind about having kids btu i defiantly wan to adopt. i recently got to see the adoption process up close. Some friends of ours adopted a little girl from china. They where telling us what happens to kids who are not adopted and i just breaks my heart. I think i would like to adopt from another country cuz if ur an orphan in the us u have hope from a future… in some other country’s you don’t. Also i think i want to adopt a kid with some sort of problem, i will have teh resources to help them maybe a kid who had a hole in there heart or needs glasses or is diabetic or some thing that is keeping them from being adopted. I don;t think i could handle a kid who had some catastrophic problem i don;t know that i am strong enough emotionally.. Btu Jeremiah 32:27 So you know in the end is will all be orchestrated by god. he will choose the kid. He had prepared me to adopt though. Sence i was a child i under stood the concept of family. Family – the people who love you, wan the best fro you, and will do what ever it take to help you th ones who stand by tour side no matter what end even when ur crazy they say i love you. That never in my mind included having to be your blood. after all your spouse is not ur blood relative (I hope they arn’t). I asked my mom the other day “do you care if your grand children are Chinese or black or a dwarf or have a cleft palet?” she replyed “can i still spoil them rotten?” I said “i expect you too” she said “i don’t care at all then.” Plus if i adopt kids i could get them at the pladough age instead of the crying and sleeping every 5 seconds age.
Also kids names.. i like weird names… like mine. I would also like to have all my kids names to be from teh bible. So far i like Jeremyah (for a girl myah fro short). I also liek Ezra for a boy or girl… idk i would need my husbands inut on it.. Btu if i did adopt a child i want them to keep a name that has some of their heritage in ti like there middle name be something of their heritage.
WEll thoes are my thoughts. Ttyl

50 Things I Will Do As A Parent
Saturday August 27th 2011

1. Love unconditionally
2. Spank as as a punishment
3. Set rules that go for all the kids no matter what!
4. Have all my kids baptized in the name of god
5. If it’s rated pg a parent needs to be there. If it’s rated pg 13 I will watch it first nd decide how old you need to be.
6. Listen to my kids iPods and set parental locks when ever necessary.
7. Feed healthy snacks daily
8. Let them wear what ever they want and celebrate it. ” yes Jeremiah u can wear a a tutu and and jeans and two different socks and the hot pink t shirt”
9. Let my kids make mistakes ( with in reason) So thai can learn form them.
10. Tell them i love them every day.
11. Bribe when necessary
12. Will institute nap time as long as humanly possible.
13. Will let my kid put katchup on toast if they truly like it.
14. Will read to my kids ( even if it’s the last thing i want to do)
15. Will not allow my kids to watch tv all day.
16. Not allowed to have pop unless mommy or daddy says so.
17. Communicate with my husband to prevent “mom says no” daddy mommy said yes”
18. Will go out of my way to make their dreams come true.
19. Will make sure they are breathing in the middle of the night.
20. Will not allow them in mommy and daddys room with out permishion.
21. House rule never go to bed angry
22. Will have my child do chours, not for an allounce.
23. Will lead my kids and set an example on loving god.
24. Will buy my kids tous for no reason once in a wile.
25. Will follow through with punishments
26. Will let them help cook dinner
27. Will expect them to give their best in schol and celebrate it. Even if it’s a c.
28. Will not let my kid ride with any student drivers.
29. Will not allow sleep overs at friends house with out meeting the parents.
30. Will allow my kids to pain their nails black. My sons too if they choose.
31. Will allow age appropriate makeup
32. Will tell my kids the truth. Even if it needs to be watered down to age appropriateness
33. Will treat my kids their age.
34. Will have age appropriTe expections for them.
35. Will listen to my kids
36.will have one on one time with them
37. Will friend my kids. As a parent.
38. Will take them to fun places.
39. Will tell them the truth hat no matter what santa exists and take hemmto sit on his lap.
40. Will have family traditions
41. Will be a fun, cool mom
42. Will set bed times
43.will have mommy and daddy alone time
44. Will make grandma And grandpa huge parts of their lives
45. Will teach them that emotion is not a weakness
46.will always reward honesty
47.will feed them miracle whip becaue it’s better!
48. Will give them the opportunity to play sports
49.will keep them clean, but a mud bath once a summer is acceptable
50. Will throw food back if it’s thrown at me.


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