Back to School: Emergency Kit

I am a huge believer in the “Be Prepared” slogan of the Boy Scouts. I was also raised by a Dad who was always prepared for everything you could ever need in every situation. (Though i’m still not sure how this man is always prepared without a purse, just saying.)

I think I learned early on in my college career that everyone should have a backpack emergency kit because I needed one. What got me to thinking that I needed this was several occasions where I though “Sure I wish I had…” I also commuted to school via the city bus and was 1 hour of buses away from home so I had no choice but to be prepared for everything.

I encourage everyone to make their own emergency kit. I guarantee though it will be packed along more days that it will be used, there will come an occasion where you have something you desperately need and you, or a friend in need will be thankful you have it. I should also mention that this is a girl’s version and a Kyra version. Feel free to add and subtract things was you see fit. Also, your friends will thank you, I would say about half the uses of my emergency kit are for a friend.

The Contents:

  • Tampons/Pads: I have learned the hard way that it’s better have them than to not have them, and yes I say both, because though you might prefer one, there will always be an occasion where someone or yourself needs the other. 
  • Hand sanitizer: Never know when you will need this. 
  • lotion: not essential but still one of the most used things in my kit. I carry a simple hand lotion but it’s still nice to have. 
  • Kleenex: Sleeves do not count. 
  • Tylenol: There will come a day where something hurts and you will be distracted by the pain when you need to focus. 
  • Hair Ties and Bobby Pins: For the days you wore it down and it’s driving you insane. 
  • Wipes: Never know when you could use a wet one. I usually end up using them to clean my laptop but they are good for may things. 
  • Cold Medicine: Nothing, and I mean nothing is worse than trying to study with a runny nose. I recommend the water tablet Alkaseltzer cold medicine, it works in 15 min and last about 4-6 hours. Yes, it taste terrible but it works so fast. 
  • Allergy medicine: Never know when those stupid allergies are going to spring up. 
  • Chapstick: Chapped lips suck. 
  • Bandaids: They fix a blister, a paper cut and leet you from bleeding all over. 
  • Spare Underware: There is no way to explain why I carry these with out saying this. SO, if you are not in to TMI skip to the next one…. Ever start your period unexpectedly, nothing feel better than clean underwear and a few wet wipes. It’s nothing competed to a full shower which is what you really want but in a desperate situation is helps. Always bring white ones incase you wore white pants the day you need them. 
  • Zip Lock Bag: Good to have, many uses. 
  • Grocery Bag: For when you acquire too many things to fit in your backpack. 
  • Phone Charging cord and Wall adapter/Cigarette adapter: You or someone you know will  always need this one. Its the most used in my emergency kit and I totally think everyone needs to carry a charger. 
  • Cash: Put 10$ in (Preferably in 9 one’s and four quarters) there and forget it’s there, only use it for the one time you are in dire need of a drink from a vending machine, or need parking change or something like that. Remember cash works when a debit card doesn’t, so it could save you there. I say keep ten so you have enough for an emergency meal if needed. 
  • Medication: If you take daily medication always bring a set with you incase you forget. I take anxiety meds and if I forget them at home it really screws me up so its nice to have a backup. I also keep a spare inhaler in there just incase.  
  • Nail Clippers: Every get a hang nail and you can’t fix it? This will solve that problem. Preferably some with a file attached. 

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