Spring 2017: School Supplies/Organization

With the coming of spring come spring cleaning and organization, but more importantly comes back to school for Kyra. I am ecstatic for school. As you know I will be working on my Paralegal certificate at Spokane Community College.
Now,  I love school supplies almost as much as I love Jesus. Any excuse to talk about school supplies makes me happy and it’s my blog so read if you so desire. 
I have done posts in the past on what I did to organize myself in the past but that was so I feel we all needed to see the Paralegal system. 
The following is a picture of everything I bought for the coming new quarter. Yes, I get new stuff for each quarter, since I usually destroy the stuff I buy through out the quarter, sometimes binders survive and I do reuse when I can. 
The Essentials:
(Some Pictured, Some Not)
  • Binders: I prefer 1″, I choose 3, each with different colors one per class. This color will ultimately be the designated color for that class, so my planner will reflect this. 
  • Loose Leaf paper
  • Bullet Journal (Planner): I will explain in a separate post why I use a bullet journal and what it is. (Link Comping Soon)
  • Printer Papaer
  • Printer Ink
  • Colored Notebook Paper: Mostly for my own enjoyment. I found purple paper at the store and had to have it. Its literally purple loose leaf paper. I will use it for notes, assignments and curly my own fun. 
  • Dividers: A set of 5 for each binder, I prefer the erasable kind. 
  • Brush tip Markers: These are obviously not essential but I like them for my planner. 
  • Highlighters
  • Post it Flags: I use thease to bookmark pages in my textbooks. So handy and they don’t damage the books I intend to sell back. 
  • Broad line, Fine tip Markers: Again, not essential unless your name is Kyra and you can’t leave the house without some sort of marker. 
  • Correction Tape
  • Sharpies
  • Pens: After years of pens I have finally found my pen true love. Pilot V5 Precise retractable are my favorite. They wrote really fine and last a long time and the ink comes out smoothly and doesn’t smudge like at all. For me I like Black or Blue Ink, as fun as other colors are I find them harder to read. 
  • Pencils: I like .9 led, and mechanical since I write very hard. Papermate is my favorite because I feel its the most durable. 
  • Mini Notebook: Not essential, I just thought it was super cute and Im addicted to buying cute school supplies, I will likely us this as my next journal once my current one gets filled up. 
  • Sticky Notes
  • Pencil Pouches: I MADE THEASE! Yes, I made thew fur pouch and the other lambs and pinapples one. I can never find a pencil pouch that I love so I made one! Two pockets for all my goodies and it will fit a graphing calculator. 
  • Starbucks Cup:  I bring some sort of water bottle to school so I have a cup so that I’m not always looking for a drinking fountain. Starbucks one is nice cuz it’s venti and holds a lot, also insulated but it’s top heavy, beware. 
  • Backpack: I have had my North Face Recon for about 5 year now. I love it. Its still in perfect condition despite my wear and tear, though it could stand to be washed, it’s black so no one knows this! I also like that it’s only 2 pockets with a laptop sleeve in the biggest pocket. 
  • Calculator: Need that graphing calculator for pre-calculus mine is a hunter green, the theory behind this is its a rare color, therefore hard to steal. 
  • Headphones: Noise cancelling, they work as earplugs too. 
  • Chargers: I pack my phone charger and laptop charger to school everyday, Id rather be prepared than have a dead phone or laptop. 
  • Emergency Kit: IF you don’t have one of these make one. I will link you to the post I made on emergency Kits. (http://welcometokyraslife.blogspot.com/2017/03/back-to-school-emergency-kit.html)


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