Rejection: Prove Them Wrong

In my 25 years I have faced a lot of rejection. Today I wanna discuss my academic rejections. I have always been rejected its nothing new to me. I think it started in 2nd grade when I didn’t know the sound that “Y” made and they sent me back to redo first grade. Rejected. That’s how I felt. Whether it was wrong or right thats what I felt. I had may a teachers that simply passed me to get me out of there class. Not a single teacher dug in to what was wrong with me why I struggled so much. 4th grade my teacher tried but had onto scratched the surface. It was in 4th grade that I was so sick of struggling that I took it upon my self for work harder to overcome whatever it was that was holding me back. So  I killed myself in everything I did. I pay the price for that now with extreme anxiety. 
Working hard worked for me. I was passing classes and that made me happy. It looked as if I was good at school. So I went to college 2 years early. Though a program at my school. College was harder, but I figured fine, I’ll just work twice as hard then! That seemed to work. Then, I experienced rejection again. You needed a 3.85GPA to be admitted to the Business Program. I had a 3.84GPA. Or something close to that I don’t remember exact numbers. Then I found Economics and all was well again. 
After I graduated (I did actually graduate, Hallelujah!) I decided that my heart was being called to be a lawyer. So I took the LSATs and applied to Law school. 4 years, 6 schools. All rejections. I was beyond devastated. At about this point I made this poster you see below. Its all my rejection letters with the words “Prove Them Wrong” written over top. 
I’m in Law School. Damn right I got in. Finally it’s my turn. Now that I know what I am up against (ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety) I don’t have to work so hard and my mental health is under control. 
This is my chance, this is my opportunity. 
To everyone that said I can’t do it, You are wrong. I can and I will. Nothing will get in met way that I can’t overcome. Nothing can stop me and I’m going to prove that. 
Ms. Kyra Sims J.D. Here I come. 


Bullet Journal, Love

Never have I ever had so much trouble with a school supply. I love school supplies as most of you know by now, and I love all of them alike. But when is comes to planners, boy oh boy do I have problems. I have never been able to settle in to a planner and love it like I have with a Bullet Journal. 
What is a Bullet Journal?
A Bullet Journal is a completely customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, your planner, your everything all in one. I should probably add that I don’t actually Journal in my Bullet Journal. I also keep a Journal/Diary (I have kept one since July 21st, 2009) but I hated the idea of all those personal thoughts/ideas being carried around with me, where they could fall in to the wrong hands. So I keep them separate. 
How do you start one?
This was the part that seemed daunting to me. How could I ever add as much detail and style to a blank notebook so that it was everything my store bought planner was? Well, the answer is you can’t and you can. Yes, you can add tons of detail, no you really can’t ever make it perfect. Thats the beauty of it its an evolving document that changes as your life changes and it form fits you, who is also not perfect. 
To start one I recommend a completely blank notebook. Some people like them lined, or grid paper, I like mine blank. I used a Moleskine Notebook to make my bullet journal because it was not spiral bound (aka, it slides in and out of a bag easier), and they are thinner. I only intend my bullet journal to last a semester. I get bored in them if i stay in the same one too long. 
To start I made a weekly spread, see below.

I like the horizontal as opposed to a vertical week because it flows better in my mind. Maybe its because thats what I got use to in Elementry – High School, but what ever the case this is how it makes best sense to me. I literally started very basic, drew the lines to separate the days (yes, with a ruler, however I got lazy later on) and from there I added the next week in my schedule.

I next added all my class assignments to the days they were due. From there I added some highlights and color to jazz it up and make it easier to read. 
Then it got really real that I needed space for TO-DO lists so I added a half sheet of paper to the middle with washi tape. 
Other Pages I have Made:
Weekly Class Schedule. 

Netflix, Season I am rewatching/tracker for where I am at in the series.

Birthday List, since I don’t have all the months of a year in yet I made a list. 

I feel as if I have finally found planner peace in my bullet journal. It’s not perfect, like me. Yet its highly functional and keeps all my important information together in one central place.

What works for you? Do you keep a planner/Bullet Journal? What pages should I make next?


Kyra ❤

L1: Week One

Made it thought the first week. I didn’t die, or really get called on. I did get used in a hypo in contracts, but I didn’t have to answer anything so I call that a win! For those of you who don’t know law school uses the socratic method, where they cold call on students for the answers.

I am taking Contracts, Civil Procedure, Torts, Legal Analysis and Writing, and Legal Research. Fro the record everyone else is taking Property in addition the the classes I am taking but I withdrew from   Property for disability purposes.

We had our first class (Torts) cancelled  on Monday for the eclipse. I saw it, it was cool. My second class was Legal Analysis and Writing. In my opinion the most work intensive, useful class. Also one of my least favorite classes. I just find it mundane, and like they spend hours explaining the things that are common sense. However, thats just my first sense, it could change. I do really like the professor.

Tuesday, was my long day, 9:30am to 2:50pm. Not all that long just the longest day I have. Three classes. Civ Pro, Torts, and Contracts, all the fun ones. Well, kinda. Civ Pro was fun, but I feel I will struggle with it the most. I just have the least experience with it. It’s all so unknown to me. Torts has the most fun cases, lots of intresting cases and stupid people that did stupid things and went to court over it. Contracts was the one I was most excited for as I wanted to be a corporate contract lawyer.

Wednesday was the same as Monday and Thursday as Tuesday. But Friday was a single 9:30am class that was Legal Research, totally a fun class but very close to Legal Analysis and Writing.

Overall they all went well and I was able to keep up with the work load. My briefs were mostly on point and I felt like I understood what was going on in all my classes. A good start!

Anyway, I will do more posts as I have time. Please let me know if you want me to talk about a specific topic. Thanks!

We Moved to Idaho

Yes, first week in August we moved to Idaho.
I got accepted to University of Idaho College of Law, and Allie got accepted to University of Idaho as well. To answer your questions on the matter I took the liberty of making this FAQ for you…

  1. Why Idaho?
    1. It was the closest law school that wasn’t Gonzaga… We dislike Gonzaga cuz they rejected me 4 times. 
  2. What about the cats?
    1. They came with!
  3. Why did Allie transfer?
    1. She felt it was a opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Plus she loves living with me. I’m awesome. Okay, okay, she came because that cats came. 
  4. When do you start?
    1. Classes officially start on August 21st. 
  5. I thought Law School wasn’t for you?
    1. Yes, I said that. If I said that to you, I’m sorry but I lied, law is for me. My heart aches to be a lawyer. Come hell or high water I will become one.
Bottom line, this is my chance, and Im going to do my damn best.