We Moved to Idaho

Yes, first week in August we moved to Idaho.
I got accepted to University of Idaho College of Law, and Allie got accepted to University of Idaho as well. To answer your questions on the matter I took the liberty of making this FAQ for you…

  1. Why Idaho?
    1. It was the closest law school that wasn’t Gonzaga… We dislike Gonzaga cuz they rejected me 4 times. 
  2. What about the cats?
    1. They came with!
  3. Why did Allie transfer?
    1. She felt it was a opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Plus she loves living with me. I’m awesome. Okay, okay, she came because that cats came. 
  4. When do you start?
    1. Classes officially start on August 21st. 
  5. I thought Law School wasn’t for you?
    1. Yes, I said that. If I said that to you, I’m sorry but I lied, law is for me. My heart aches to be a lawyer. Come hell or high water I will become one.
Bottom line, this is my chance, and Im going to do my damn best. 

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