Rejection: Prove Them Wrong

In my 25 years I have faced a lot of rejection. Today I wanna discuss my academic rejections. I have always been rejected its nothing new to me. I think it started in 2nd grade when I didn’t know the sound that “Y” made and they sent me back to redo first grade. Rejected. That’s how I felt. Whether it was wrong or right thats what I felt. I had may a teachers that simply passed me to get me out of there class. Not a single teacher dug in to what was wrong with me why I struggled so much. 4th grade my teacher tried but had onto scratched the surface. It was in 4th grade that I was so sick of struggling that I took it upon my self for work harder to overcome whatever it was that was holding me back. So  I killed myself in everything I did. I pay the price for that now with extreme anxiety. 
Working hard worked for me. I was passing classes and that made me happy. It looked as if I was good at school. So I went to college 2 years early. Though a program at my school. College was harder, but I figured fine, I’ll just work twice as hard then! That seemed to work. Then, I experienced rejection again. You needed a 3.85GPA to be admitted to the Business Program. I had a 3.84GPA. Or something close to that I don’t remember exact numbers. Then I found Economics and all was well again. 
After I graduated (I did actually graduate, Hallelujah!) I decided that my heart was being called to be a lawyer. So I took the LSATs and applied to Law school. 4 years, 6 schools. All rejections. I was beyond devastated. At about this point I made this poster you see below. Its all my rejection letters with the words “Prove Them Wrong” written over top. 
I’m in Law School. Damn right I got in. Finally it’s my turn. Now that I know what I am up against (ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety) I don’t have to work so hard and my mental health is under control. 
This is my chance, this is my opportunity. 
To everyone that said I can’t do it, You are wrong. I can and I will. Nothing will get in met way that I can’t overcome. Nothing can stop me and I’m going to prove that. 
Ms. Kyra Sims J.D. Here I come. 


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