Get Fit

Law school is hard. Anyone that ever tells you different it a huge lier. Let me fill you in on what the stress feels like. 

Imagine your life depends on passing 1 test over all the information you learned in roughly 60 hours of lecture. One test. One question. One essay answer. Your life depending on it. Now multiply by 4, and add a 20 page research paper. Stressful eh?
Now, my life does not depend on it per se, but my life’s dream depends on it and do you really wanna life with you life dream not being fulfilled? Yes, there see life depends on it. 
Anyway, point of this is that it’s a huge toll to handle all the stress. Excessive stress does weird things to you. For me, it makes me anxious, can’t sleep, and I eat poorly when I’m stressed, I get acid reflux, and freak out over small things. So I have decided that I need to be better about my mental health, and physical health so that I can better be prepared to work my brain so damn hard every day. Better thinking = Better retention = passing tests = passing law school = joy being fulfilled = Kyra gets to live. 
To get a healthier mind you need a plan. Thankfully I love plans and love making them. So here is what I came up with.
  • Work Out 3 Weekdays and 1 weekend day. Total 4 times a week.
    • Now, Im severely out of shape… like it’s so bad I’m too embarrassed to share how little has me breaking a sweat. But the goal is do a tiny bit more each time. 
  • Drink as much water as possible. 
    • I didn’t wanna set a amount because then I would stress about getting the goal. So the plan is just drink a lot of water. 
  • Trade some of the pop I drink for sparkling water. 
    • I drink an obscene amount of pop. Like upwards of 3 cans a day. I know I know its terrible. So I’m trying to switch them to sparkling waters. Which might I add are tasty and the same price as pop. 
  • Only eat when hungry.
    • I eat to escape homework, because I need something todo, because I’m stressed, basically I eat too much overall. So now I’m narrowed to only eating when I’m actually hungry. Food is fuel, not comfort. 
So that’s the plan. I’ve been on 3 workouts so far. Just walks around the neighborhood so far. I’m focusing on the fact that I’m trying and not focusing on the fact that I have fallen this far from where I want to be. 
I feel all these things are good for my mental health, it gives me a project to track outside of school and its healthy both mentally and physically and it’s just good positive way to spend my limited time outside of law school. 

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