Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Yes, my Christmas tree is up. Yes, the stocking are hung by the fire with care. On the fire place that I built from cardboard.
People think i’m crazy for doing those things so early. What people are missing is the point of it.  I did those things as soon as I could negotiate them to be done with my roommate (my sister) because why would I wanna wait?
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year its a celebration of the life of Jesus, who does us unconditionally, and a celebration of the love. Its a celebration of giving like God gives to us, and a celebration of family unity. Why would anyone wanna put that celebration off? Those are the things I am living for and only for one day of the year do we celebrate them like they deserve. Why would I ever wait to start celebrating them?
I use to be excited fro Christmas because of the presents. Now, I almost dread Christmas day and the presents because when it’s over, christmas is over. 😦 I don’t want Christmas to be over. I’m not a crier. I hard every cry but I’m lying if I don’t get a little choked up when Scott Calvan sees the sleigh in the snow globe and realizes he is Santa in the Santa Clause or when Santa Clause tells Buddy the Elf he is a real elf in the movie elf. I mean come on people how does that not touch you right in the feels!

Anyway point is, I’m not crazy, well I am Crazy but it’s all for Jesus and Heck yes I am going to celebrate that as soon as I can for as long as I can.


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