Song That Hold Memories II

We Can Make the World Stop  – The Glitch Mob:
With in the first 1/10th of a second of this song I am thrown back to 2013. The memory I am thrown in to is me sitting in the new economics lab, alone, feet on the desk sitting back in a chair smoking my e-cigarette. It was peach flavored nicotine juice that day. I can almost taste the sweet sour taste of the smoke.

When I moved from Ohio back to Spokane I decided to rid my self of the e-cigarettte, though at that time it had fallen to once every few months use. This song makes me miss the lethargic focus it made me feel. That calm and hunger free relaxation.

Vice’s are hard. I am a very addictive personality. I have to do everything all or nothing. For me that included drinking. Much to my demise, I can’t have just one. I have to have more and that’s not respecting alcohol. So I choose to be a die hard sober person. I don’t even like to be around people drinking. I don’t even trust myself yet though I am years sober.

I think seldomely, about picking up vaping again. Nicotine on my ADHD brain is like sinking in to a warm bathtub for your body. It fills it with a relaxation and dulls the racing thoughts to a humming. But again, I can’t do anything half way. Got to be all or nothing. So I choose nothing.

Thanks a lot Glitch Mob.


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