Happy Valentines Day!

In 2011, I wrote a letter to my husband asking him to be my valentine. I wrote similar letters to him on every Valentines day since. There are a couple years in there where it was written to a specific person, some years where it was written to a generic person I haven’t met yet.

The gist of the letters is this:
I pray for you often, I long for the days we spend together, you and me and Jesus against the world. I have so many plans for us but I know the Lords plans are greater. I know we are apart for a reason right now and I respect that, thought all this would be easier with a partner in crime.

Anyway, I encourage everyone to take 5min and write a love letter. To your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé, or the man or woman you haven’t even met yet. Trust me no matter how cheese it is they wanna hear they are loved. And weather they read it tomorrow or 30 years from now they wanna hear what you had to say today.

Here is mine….

Dear Forever Valentine,

We have not yet met, or maybe we have? But either way we are not together yet. This is a day in celebration of love. I wanna tell you that I already have a place in my heart for you. I pray for your success often and find myself wondering what your doing now and again.
This year I wanna tell you about the love my parents have for each other and how I want the kind of marriage they have. My parents are each others best friend, actually they are more than that. They are two parts to a whole. They balance each other perfectly. Best of all they are STILL in love. (No I’m not calling them old.) I have seen them fight battles I never thought a person could face but they did it with grace and wisdom in the name of Jesus. They have been an example to me and my siblings as to what a marriage should be. Through adversity and change and growth they because stronger as a whole, never drawing away for a second. I learned how a wife should be treated, and how a husband should be treated. I was raised watching them love each other and I remember finding it so hard to imagine parents not being in love, like mine were. I want that. I long for that connection they have. Its so much more than a best friend, partner, it’s like they where made to find each other and complete each other. Even better they have done all this in Jesus name.
Future husband, my forever valentine, I thank the lord for you now. Because if you all that God has praised me you are, I’m going to wanna start thanking God for you now. May your day be filled with love.

Happy Valentines Day.



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