Excited! How Much I Love Jesus

So I started reading my Bible daily. I’m almost through Genesis at this point, but the weirdest thing is occurring… I find my self wanting more and more. I scheduled to read 4 chapters a day and i thought that was a lot because usually I dread reading the bible. Its over my head and does make sense and just seems like words with no meaning.
Not this time.
Now I feel like I’m learning. I already found out so many things I didn’t know, or things I was unsure of. I crave the words of the Lord. I just want it all now!
It could be that I’m not reading it I’m listening to it, and it could be that I just really like this translation (NLT), whatever the cause I carve the word and the feeling I get of peace when I dive in and seek to understand in the purest form.

I heard a story of an atheist that choose to read the bible so she would have ammunition to prove that it’s all crap, and about half way through the bible she broke down in tears and spoke openly to the Lord for the first time. Sobbing, begging his forgiveness for she had seen the way the truth and the light in the words and choose that moment to give her life to the lord.

I can see how reading the bible alone has that power. It’s like a magic book that comes alive when you read it from  a pure point of wanting to understand. I love that.

I was meeting with my advisor about classes for next year and she started by asking me “Kyra, what do you wanna be when you grow up?” The first words that jumped to the front of my brain were. “I wanna serve the lord.” That is what I wanna be when I grow up, a servant of the gospel. But I had to give the secular world answer and told my advisor that I wanna help people. Which is not wrong. I do want to help people… in the name of Jesus.

The lord put it on my heart to be a philanthropist years ago. Far before I even knew what that was. The goal has always been that. But along the way the lord put law school on my heart too, apparently I need a law degree for whatever he has planned for me.

I know two things for sure. The first is… well, three things actually.

  1. I am called to exemplify the grace and love of Jesus Christ. 
  2. I am called to adopt. I don’t know if that’s child, plural or singular. But I know I will love and raise a child that I  bear from my heart not my body. I also don’t know that I am called to have a child that is genetically mine or not. I don’t know that I want to, either. More on this topic HERE.
  3. I am called to give on behalf of Jesus to those who are in need.
I am just so stoked to be here and fighting with the lord by my side, for the greater good. Especially in a world that is school shootings, and violence. I choose to stand here and worship my God till my last breath. It’s so powerful to have this fullness in my heart of peace that I have given my life to the one who loves me most. 
I just wanna shout from the roof tops the words of my bible. 🙂
More to come, 

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