"Better Watch Me Shine"

You know that scene in legally blonde where Elle realizes that Warner is a loser? And that if she is going to do law school it’s going to be to show everyone that she can. Here is the clip.

Thats how I feel at this moment. I was looking at my mile long ToDo, list and felling discouraged, having my daily doubts that I can even do this. Cuz when its this hard not a day goes by where you don’t have to reconvene yourself that you can do this.
Anyway call it Jesus call it fate but this song came on. I was just reminded that I got a lot of people thinking I’m going to fail. I can’t let them be right. I gotta dig in deeper. I gotta figure this out, pull strength from places I didn’t know I had and press on.

Why Kyra? What is it about law that you want it so bad? Why go through all this just to be a lawyer?
Because, there is a desire in my heart to serve the Lord with a law degree. It has been there for a long time and I can’t shake it. Believe me I tired. I can’t do anything else till I win this, till I fight this battle. The lord called me here, and I WILL serve the lord.

So… ToDo list. We have a date, and we are going to get personal.

Bring. It. On.


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