Bible 2018: Book of Genesis

Very excited, because I just finished the book of Genesis. This is the longest I have ever kept a Bible reading plan and the most of the bible I have ever gotten though. I know that seems odd, and sort of embarrassing that as a follower of Jesus, I have read so little of the holy book, but you gotta start somewhere.

Time it took to read it:

  • 2/16/18-2/23/18

Scriptures that Stood out to me:

  • 2:18
  • 3:11
  • 3:16
  • 5:5
  • 4:7
  • 7:17
  • 8:21
  • 12:7
  • 13:15
  • 15:1
  • 15:4
  • 18:14
  • 17:19
  • 19:24
  • 24:1
  • 25:5
  • 25:17
  • 25:24
  • 26:4-6
  • 26:24
  • 28:22
  • 31:35
  • 32:10
  • 32:28
  • 37:3
  • 39:21
  • 41:12
  • 41:45-46
  • 47:28
  • 48:7
  • 49:28
  • 50:26
Notes I took:
  • Yahwen – yireh =  The lord will Provide.
  • Eve means to give life.

Reoccurring Themes I noticed:

  • I noticed that women where not held in a very high regard. However they where deceitful, manipulative and icky. From reading just genesis I don’t have a very good outlook on women in general. 
  • When Rachel lied and said she was on her period so she didn’t have to get up and show the idols she had stolen. Like really? Thats crossing a line Rachel. 
Overall, Reactions/Thoughts:
  • It was so cool to read the stories I have been told all my life. It made them so real to see them in print. I know thats lame on my part but it’s the truth. I found myself not wanting to stop at certain times because I wanted to see what was going to happen next, even though I know the stories by heart they meant something different to me this time. 
Anyway, excited to be on they journey with reading the bible. Happy you are along for the ride. More to come, I stated Exodus today too. 


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