Livin’ Life Sober #realtalk

Well, it appears that people wanna hear about how I decided to quit drinking… I wasn’t nervous about writing this post till I started writing it. Now, I’m nervous. Mostly, because I’m embarrassed. You will see why.

2013: I turned 21 in June. I had never had an alcoholic drink to myself till well in to my 21st year. Once in 10th grade I was at a friend house and everyone got in to his parents booze and I remember being handed a wine cooler and looking at it and being scared. So I set it down and left. Neither of my parents drank, ever, we never had alcohol in the house growing up, it was taboo for us.

2014: I started dating a boy that liked alcohol. It was a hobby for him. How it was made what made the taste what it was and all that. So naturally, as we started to spend time together we started drinking together. I liked drinking. I was young and resilient so I hardly ever got hungover and so it was all good for me. I quickly discovered the secret in the bottle, that alcohol takes away the anxiety. Just get a little tipsy and I was set, I could finally relax. However, I am the personality that lives by the rule that “if enough is enough then too much it just right” and so I never stopped at one drink, or two, or three… etc. I made a lot of stupid mistakes because I was drunk.

2015: I moved to Ohio. I still drank when I was in Ohio despite all the mistakes I had already made from drinking. I wanted to fit in and it was something that law students do A LOT. Surprisingly drinking and being a lawyer go together. Why? I will never know. Maybe because it can be so stressful.

2016: I still lived in Ohio, and somewhere just before I moved home I had a revelation. Drinking wasn’t for me. I couldn’t drink responsibly and so it would just be easier if I gave it up all together.

What drives my decision to not drink, today is a few things.

  1. I am too focused on law school and serving the lord to depart from that for even a second. 
  2. Nothing good comes from drinking… ever. 
  3. I don’t like who I am when I drink. I like the feeling but I don’t like the actions.
Can I still be around drinking? Probably. I would prefer to just not being in a setting where there is drinking just so that I don’t even have to think about it. 
Do I think less of people who drink? Nope. If you can respect it more power to you. If you choose to drink and you can’t respect it then I do think you have a problem. 
Will I expect my husband to not drink? Yes. I choose to live life without alcohol and it would only rub it in to me that I can’t handle it if he were to drink. Plus I don’t want it in the house. Like I said, I am a all of it or none of it person. I do nothing half way, so I choose sobriety and I have to do that all the way. 
Anyway. That’s my choice in a nutshell. Happy to talk about it and share with anyone that has questions. 

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