Law School: A Day in the Life of a 1L

I am always curious about people’s lives and their day to day. So I thought I would write about mine. I was so curious how law school was going to be. I scoured the internet for information on what it was like. Blogs, and Pinterest, and articles later I still had no idea. Now, I get that every experience is different this is just mine. Enjoy. This is going to be super boring but I figure I will ease the curiosity of my handful of readers.


I actually take one less class than my classmates for disabilities purposes. So this is my schedule. Yes, its amazing this semester. I am done everyday before lunch. Which leaves me the afternoon-evening for everything else.
6:30am – Alarm goes off. Well, first alarm goes off the one that would provide me time to shower blow dry my hair pick out a cute outfit, eat something and leave on time.
7:00am – I actually get out of bed. Either shower quickly or throw some dry shampoo on the hair. then throw on whatever is clean (usually leggings a long-sleeve tee and a sweater and some Toms/Slip on shoes.)
7:30am – Leave for school. It takes me about 6 min to get to school depending on traffic. I usually allow myself 10min to get there. I like to be early this allows me to sit down get all my stuff situated on my desk and usually check my morning email while I drink a Red bull at my leisure.
8:00am – Tues/Thur I start class, Mon/Wed/Fri I am usually just leaving right about now and do the drink red bull and check email from the comfort of my couch.
From here on It’s lecture time and I am fully engaged listening trying my best to take good notes and understand the material. Also praying I don’t get called on/mentally preparing incase I do get called on.
If the class allowed a computer I take my notes there, if not I take them by hand and have my briefs printed off.
12:00pm – Home and hungry, as you may have noticed I don’t usually get breakfast and if I do it’s just a banana. So usually I am cranky and hungry and tired of listening to people talk. So I head home. I usually take a lunch break and eat, watch some Netflix while I eat and catch up on my email’s and usually relax on social media. All this lasts about an hour.
1:00pm – Study time begins. I start with my planner and get a good solid ToDo list for the afternoon/evening going. This list will have everything on it from what to prep for the next class to what to outline that day. It’s detailed and everything gets a check box.
Start with prepping for the next days classes. Read the assigned reading/brief any cases and get the material underway feet for the next day.
Next would be any assignments that are due. For example I had a annotated outline for my LRW class due today.
Then it’s time to outline. Start putting it all together in a single document. (Fridays I review it)
6:00pm – Time to bother my sister and see what we are going to do for dinner. That usually means she cooks and I start the laundry. Then I study again till dinner is ready.
7:00pm – Around now I start my evening of self care and relaxation. Unless the work needed for tomorrow is not done in that case I keep going but I’m usually done by now and so I might do a face mask, paint my nails, shower etc.
8:00pm – I like to be in bed at this hour leaving me a solid hour of watching youtube/playing games/scrolling the internet etc. for an hour before I attempt to fall asleep.

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