My First Love

I use to think more than a year was a long relationship. But then I spent 2.5 years in a relationship that ended. I was madly in love with a man I honestly felt like he was the one and I could see my self spending forever with him. He was perfect in my eyes. I had everything I ever wanted, but it was a relationship that was not build on a foundation of the Lord. I had a relationship with the lord but I can’t say I knew what his relationship with the lord was. Sure we went to church together and talked about Jesus and how we would raise our kids in the church but we never prayed together, we never sought after God as a couple.

Our demise was was in the end both our faults but it started when he choose a career over me. That told me where is loyalties were and I could never get over that.

I still pray for him. I pray he finds the love of his life and that he grows in his relationship with the lord.

Im telling you this so you don’t make the mistake I did. Start your relationships with Jesus. Pray together, learn and grow in your faith together. Study the word together. I wish I had, maybe if we had things would have been different but it’s time to move forward.

Move forward in to the arms of Jesus and hopefully to the man the lord has chosen for me.

Getting over my first love is one of the hardest things I have ever done. But we learn and we grow, and we move forward.


Remember Why You Started

Law school was not an easy journey for me. I fact it’s been the hardest thing I have ever done.

When it came time to decide a major in undergrad I choose business, I was 17, I had no idea so I picked business, general enough. Thats what my parents did for a living. It made sense.

When I wasn’t admitted to the business program, I was heart broken. Then God showed me Economics. One meeting with a Econ professor and I switched to Economics where I thrives as a student, I loved what I was doing.

Then came time to take the LSAT and apply to Law school, I took the LSAT, and did okay. Nothing special. So I applied and was rejected from every school I applied to. So I retook the LSAT, and scored a little better, still rejected. I had a high GPA, but a semi low LSAT score. No one wanted me.

I gave up the dream. I didn’t think I could be a lawyer so I choose paralegal and stated my paralegal studies. I hated every second of it. It was this watered down curriculum of law. I didn’t wanna study to be anything but a lawyer.

I remember sitting down with my Dad all defeated and said, I can’t get this lawyer thing out of my head or my heart. He said “then let’s fight for it.”

So I studied for the LSAT and took it again, did a little better. Then I started applying again. I poured my heart in to the application. I figured I would be 100% me and if they didn’t like it then at least I was genuine and gave it all I had.

Then we met with the dean of U of I, 2nd closest Law school to home. He said “go ahead and apply.” I didn’t even apply to GU (the closest school to home. . GU was the reason me and my ex broke up and he had done a year of law school there, and his class was going to be 3L’s this year and I didn’t wanna be known as ####’s ex girlfriend. So U of I was the next best thing.

One month later I was pulling in to work at a car dealer I was working for and I was early so I parked and started checking my email, I scrolled through and saw one from admissions and the first word read “congratulations.”

I about cried. I forwarded the email to my family then called my Mom.

My dream was coming true.

Now I am a 1L on spring break, tired and resting.

I’ve had no motivation to do anything it all just seems to hard. So I was looking through my photos and this one caught my eye.

“Prove them wrong” written on the law school rejection letters.

I got something to prove. I’m going to go for it. I’m going to give it everything I got and some borrowed strength.

Why? Because I couldn’t get this lawyer thing out of my heart or off my mind and that means something.

I started to follow my heart. I will finish knowing I gave it everything I had.

No matter the outcome I will survive and survive to serve the lord.

To everyone that said I can’t.

Actually, I can!

8 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I’m lactose intolerant: I live a 90% dairy free life. I do occasionally eat a little cheese mostly on my pizza, but it does upset my stomach a little bit but my love for pizza makes it worth it. But I avoid dairy in all other ways.
  2. I hated cats till I was 21. I didn’t like them I thought they were stuck up and not fun or cuddly. Then I met my ex-boyfriends cat, he was an amazing cat that was cute and cuddly. So I ended up with two of my own.
  3. I have zero tattoos. Despite my love of piercings I am yet to decide on a tattoo, my problem is I would want to change it and so I can never decide on a single design. I do have 8 ear piercings, 5 one one ear, 3 on the other.
  4. I am the oldest of three kids. I have a 22 year old sister (my roommate) and a 18 year old brother who lives with my parents in Spokane.
  5. I have never read Harry Potter all the way through. I know I know as much as I love it I have not finished the books. It’s because o saw the movies first. Big mistake,
  6. I do not have tonsils. I had them removed at age 5, after countless strep throats and ear infections.
  7. My favorite movie of all time is Shawshank Redemption. I just love the fact that Andy breaks out and keeps it a secret the whole movie.
  8. I drink an energy drink almost everyday. Sometimes two a day. Love them. Love the caffeine.

My Favorite Outfits: Winter Edit


Clothes and fashion is something that I really enjoy. However, I am still an Aspie (Person with Aspergers syndrome) so comfort comes before style always.

In editing the pictures for this post, i realized that I buy most go my favorite items from Old Navy, Target, Victoria Secret and Walmart… I don’t know what that says about me but its funny non the less.

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves in this post. So with out further introduction.

Outfit #1: Of all the outfits posted this one is my favorite. I feel cute in it and it’s super comfortable. Just make sure you don’t shut the car door on your sweater and get a big black mark on it… just… because… someone might do that. I know stripes are not the most flattering on me but I like them and they make me happy and thats the important thing here. Also this sweater is like wearing g cape so it’s a superhero outfit. Just saying.


Outfit #2: This is a more dress up outfit for me but still something I would we are to school. Super comfy, your wearing leggings so you don’t have to worry about having to shave your legs and you still get to wear a dress. Plus the color of the dress is one of my favorites, EVER!


Outfit #3: I am obsessed with long sweaters and this is no exception. It’s super soft and stretchy and covers everything without being too hot. The t-shirt I got for $3 on clearance. Its a odd texture for me but I like the look. Also, I believe Tom’s go with everything.


Outfit #4: This is what I end up wearing 90% of the time. A long sleeve tee thats super light and leggings. I hate real pants and wear them rarely. Ps: I know I’m fat and I shouldn’t wear tight clothing but I love this shirt too much to care. I have the exact tee in 7 colors… all from Victoria Secret, Sadly they stopped making them so I can’t even buy more and I’m still bitter about this fact.


Outfit #5: I love this sweater it looks like you tried on the outfit when you just threw it on. It is super soft inside and light enough to be worn all day without getting too hot. I have gotten several complements on it as well.


Outfit #6: This is such an easy outfit, I actually own the same shirt in 3 colors total. They did shrink a little in length when I washed them on cold and hung them up… ya. But still so easy so comfy and so cute. Also the sippers I got on sale for $10, I should have bought two pairs I’m wearing them out too fast.


Outfit #7: I admit this is a newer dress and I am yet to wear it out since it’s been snowing here but I am so excited to wear it. Also its was a measly 10$ on the Wish App. I bought it to see if the app was worth wile or not and turns out it’s not that bad!



My winter shoes, I have more shoes that are suitable for winter but these are the favorites.
I told you I had that shirt in several colors. 8 colors to be exact.

What are you favorite things to wear? Do you dress up for work or school? What do you wear when you can wear whatever you like?

Let me know in the comments!



My First Blog Post EVER! (Blog:Welcome2mylife)

I stated blogging in 2011. IT started with a blog titled Welcome2mylife. I still have access to this blog but it’s not readable to anyone but me. When I closed it in late 2013 I had 21,000 age views and like three followers. I did not promote this blog accept to a few close friends. It was my outlet, a place I could just write and write and write, talk though things and feel better.

This was the first post I posed on that blog. I will post things from it from time to time. Enjoy.

In The Beginning…

Thursday, February 24th 2011

I stole that quote… Think he will mind? Probably not. Well Hi, I’m Aryk. I am 18 and live somewhere in the United States, and I am a HXC Christian. Im also incapable of spelling anything correctly and I don’t honestly care. If you comment correcting my spelling your comment will be deleted. (You know who you are). I am keeping this blog for a lot of reasons. One is so I can just talk freely and not be judged. Two I want to be encouraging to people, I want ppl to read this and go wow if she can trust god so can I. And also in 50 years I wanna read it to my kids and be like this is what I was thinking way back when, that kind of thing… So a little about me. I love music, speak a little French, play guitar (sorta), play flute, and play baritone/euphonium I also like to sing I don’t tell anyone that, I think my dog may know… anyway. I also love to write. I keep a hand written journal and a blog, but you already knew about the blog… So get to know me, I have big plans in life I plan to take the world by storm and change it for the better in Jesus name. If you have questions about me I am happy to answer them to the best of my abilities. Get ready to see Gods Power and Happy Reading!


Getting my License:

Like any 15 year oldI was excited to learn to drive. I had driven around up on the woods at 14 but that was my experience driving so to get my permit I was excited. At 15 1/2 year old I enroll in Drivers Ed.

Me Driving my Dads H2

I went take my written test and failed. Twice. I was very upset because I missed it by so little. But my Dad told me to “get back on the horse” so I did and third times the charm. I passed.

I got my drivers license in Chelan, WA about a month after my 16th birthday. I waited because I was scared and it doest seem like it was pressing to me but while on a trip to Chelan, my Dad pulled me out of the pool and said “We’re going to go take your drivers test.” I passed the first time. Thankfully, the guy that administered the test was played back and the whole driving test lasted maybe 15 min.

Anyway, I was allowed to drive my Mom’s 2008 Malibu when she was not using it, I was rarely allowed to drive my Dad’s 2009 Hummer.

I was content driving their cars and being driven most places.

My Cars:

In 2013 I bought my first car. She was a 1997 Ford Taurus, in Gold. She had 115,000 miles on her. I named her Gloria and I was in love. Now, she smelled like cigarettes (I don’t smoke) and it was gross. But four  bottles of fabric spray later, she still smelled like cigarettes. Anyway, I was so proud to have my own wheels.




I was following my friend to go get coffee and she turned left on a solid green light (yield to on coming traffic) I pulled up saw no one and turned left. Then out of no where a green car appeared just as i saw him hit the side of my car. The impact pushed my rear end over a lot and seared my break lines, so I could not stop and hit a pole. The first thing I remember was looking up and seeing a passenger of another car mouth to me “Are you okay?” I nodded.

The next thing I did was pull my phone out from under the passenger seat where it had fallen and called my Dad, he answered and I said “I got in a wreck” He replied “where?” about a min and thirty seconds later my Dad was on scene he parked in a near by church lot and ran over to me. I was okay, the guy that hit me was okay. The police then showed up… all six of them and they looked me over and the guy that hit me and guided traffic til the tow truck could get there about five min later.

Thank the Lord, the guy that hit me Willy, I later learned, was wonderful. He saw I was a young kid and felt bad but stuck to the story that I turned in front of him when he had the right of way which he did. So I got a $175 ticket. My new car was totaled. The impact bent the axel. I was not injured thankfully just a little stiff the next day from the whiplash.

Anyway, my insurance covered everything and I took a 6 hour on a Saturday, driving course for $125, and that cancelled out the ticket.

However, I was left afraid to drive.

About a month later, I bought my second car Bu. She was a 2007 Malibu Maxx with 120,000 miles. I was in love. She was a HUGE step up from Gloria, and thought he monthly payment was astronomical (248$) I was very happy.


Sadly though….


Me and my ex-boyfriend were driving in Spokane Valley, WA from the grocery store to his house. He was driving. It was a four min drive from the grocery store to his house. Anyway I was looking at my phone in my lap when he went to turn right and a white car drove in to the side of us.

The first words out of my ex’s  mouth were “I’m sorry.” I felt worse for him than I did for me. We pulled out of traffic and got out. I had to really push the door to open it. But we got out and my ex went over to the other driver and he said he and his passenger were okay. I called my Dad, again. He again replied “Where?” and was there in a matter of min. The police then showed up and looked everyone over and wrote 2 tickets… one to my ex, and one to the other driver fro having a 10 year old riding shotgun, that was too small for the front seat.

We them called my Ex’s Dad for this trailer and towed my car to my ex’s house. I remember after the police where done and we were free to leave, my Dad asked if I wanted to go with him or with my Ex and his Dad, and I looked at my Ex and asked him what he wanted me to do. He said come with us. So I did and we made the best peach pie I had ever had.

We sustained minor injuries in this crash, My ex had a large brush on his chest from a necklace he was wherein with ring on it. The metal ring was shoved in to his chest from the seat belt. I oddly got a huge brush on my hip also from the seat belt. Also, there was groceries on the floor by my feet when he hit and so I accidentally stepped on about 12/18 eggs.

I was relived in a way to have my insurance cover everything and not have to make that care payment anymore. I actually made money in the total, and payed off the care and pocketed the few hundred dollars.

Fast foreward to 2017 and I bough my current car, also a Malibu. Bu, as we call her is a 2009 Malibu LT, with 88,000 Miles. I love her most of all.

IMG_7195 2

She is way better on the monthly payments. Literally, like half of what I was paying before and the insurance is low as well.

I have been driving her for a year so far and have loved every min of it. Heated seats are so wonderful in the winter and she is so good I spend like a measly $15 a week on gas, and me and my sister drive all over town. I have never had a problem with her and only ever put gas and oil and wiper fluid in her. She runs like a champ and is safe. Which is most important.

Here are some pictures of my cars though the years…

Gloria the day I bought her.
Bu in the snow.
Bu the day I put her in reverse and she would not go back in to drive. Ended up being a small fix thankfully.
Bu doing 80mph down I-90, also you can see I put a lot of miles on her this was like 6 months after I got her and she has 30,000 miles more than when I bought her.
Shortly after going 80mph, I was pulled over for having a light out. Thankfully, all I go t was warning.
This is Bu number 2, my current car, a few weeks ago when she rolled over to 100,000 miles.


My 2018 Bucket List


  1. Sew an entire outfit
  2. own a canopy bed
  3. Live with a Roommate
  4. See Northern Lights in Finland Igloos’s with Madison
  5. Go to Iceland
  6. Visit a Harry Potter Premier
  7. Vist Los Coloradas, Mexico Pink Lagoon
  8. Learn Sign Language
  9. Carve my name in a tree
    1. ipad 011
  10. See a broadway play on broadway
  11. Touch the Atlantic Ocean
  12. Touch Pacific Ocean
    1. 052 (2).jpg
  13. Provide Christmas to a family (Finanacially)
  14. Leave the continental U.S.
  15. Kiss my Future Husband, on all seven continents
  16. Have a doctorate Degree
  17. See Mt. Rushmore
  18. Pull a fire alarm
  19. See the pyramids in Egypt
  20. Have my Dad walk me down the isle
  21. Adopt a baby
  22. Publish a book that I wrote
  23. Vote in presidential election
  24. Touch a giraffe
  25. Jump off a waterfall
  26. Build a sand castle in Hawaii
  27. Read entire HP series
  28. Read Bible, cover to cover
  29. Be an organ donor 
  30. Carve my inishials in a tree with my husband
  31. Give more than 10,000 dollars as offering, not tithe
  32. Graduate high school
    1. IMG_0233.jpg
  33. Finish my major
  34. Hit a tv in with a baseball bat
    1. IMG_0939
  35. Learn an instrument
    1. iPhone dfgsdfg 100
  36. Get a toms tan
    1. IMG_1048
  37. Have my own apartment
    1. IMG_5108
  38. See Time Square
    1. 2786
  39. Donate blood
    1. IMG_5326