My Apple Products Through the Years


I started my love affair with Apple in the 6th grade. My parents went to a computer event with their company and won a door prize of a black iPod nano first generation. I was fortunate enough that they not knowing what it was gave it to me as just another mp3 player.


I played the crap out of that iPod. I was glued to it. I remember looking forward to my walk home from school because it meant iPod time.

At about the same time I learned about Lime Wire and started downloading songs like crazy. I was very in to having “cool” song  on my iPod and only cool songs.

This is the funny part but in 2013 there was a recall of iPod Nano’s First gen’s and my nano was affected to I sent it in and was sent a 6th generation nano. I ended up giving it to my Dad for his hikes.

In the 9th grade my parents gave us new iPods for Christmas. They were iPod Nano Videos and looked like this

ipod nano video

It had 8gb on it and me being very in to music had more then that in music and was frustratingly only downloading 1gb at a time to my iPod nano. So I asked if I could return this ipad for a classic with 80gb, and pay the difference in price myself. My parents were cool with it and the difference in price ended up being a measly 10$. So I was happy as a clam.


I used this iPod all though high school and first few years of college. It was so reliable held a charge for weeks and was so cool to me. I had tons of playlists and listened to that thing non-stop. I remember when I would wake up late for school in High School my Mom would take my phone away for the day and I remember thinking eh, its okay I still have my iPod. FYI Mom, you should have taken both away.


Then in May, 2011 I joined the crowed and got my iPhone 4. Loved loved loved it. It was so cool to have my phone and iPod all in one. I eventually moved on to an iPhone 5, then a 6, then currently a 7 plus.

I love my 7 plus the most. The screen is so clear, the pictures it takes are amazing and the only thing I don’t like about it is the stupidest thing I think apple has done… the headphone jack. Why in the world take that away? I hate that I have to use an adapter or the dumb apple headphones that leak sound. But I’m getting over it… slowly as I buy more adapters.

41ua5HiV45L._SX342_Unknowniphone6iphone 7plus

Here for your curiosity is my phone screens and all my apps. Like the games page? lol



Around September 2011, I got my first iPad. I loved the iPad but between my phone and laptop I never found a use for the iPad. IT was so limited and slow that I ended up selling it shortly after I bought it.

ipad origional

Somewhere in there I bought an iPad Mini thinking I would like it better for reading and games.

ipad mini

I loved how the mini fit my hands. It was the perfect size but eventually it got outdated and I need up selling it.

A few months ago I got the iPad Pro 10.3 inch. I like it a lot its nice to surf the net and relax and read on. It is not as confutable as the mini was but the screen is so clear that it actually make up for it. It’s mainly used for youtube in bed now though.


I got my first MacBook in january of 2012. I was in love instantly. I needed a reliable laptop for econometrics and so I figured what better time than now to finance a new laptop. I pad like $1200 and got my MacBook Pro.

macbook pro origional

I had been a diehard PC person till I got my iPhone so this was a big change for me and I admit it took a few months before I was comfortable on it.

In 2015 I decided to retire my MacBook and get a new one. I make the choice because it was getting slow and Figured I should sell it while it had some life left in it and make a little money back.

So I bought my current MacBook for $1900 (Thank you Jesus was able to pay cash for this one) and sold my old one on eBay for $500. It too is a MacBook Pro and there is nothing about it I don’t like. I don’t even miss the disk drive though I did buy a external one for good measure.


Also, I use this cord to charge all my devices. It’s a must have and a killer price on Amazon. Click the Pic of it below to buy one and see for your self.


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