My Hair Story

*Disclaimer: I’m no hair dresser, I just know what I do works for me. Do not try to bleach your own hair based on this post.*

My Natural Hair Color:

I had virgin hair till 2012. When I took a plunge and decided to go blonde. One of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so much happier with my hair when its blonde. Naturally I have very oily hair nails and skin. My hair was so oily I couldn’t go more than 24 hours with out it looking so greasy that it was gross. IT wouldn’t hold a curl, it took forever to dry and was a icky mousy brown/dirty blonde color.

Since I have been bleaching… now 6 years. My hair holds a curl, I can go 2 days with out washing it (just requires a little dry shampoo on day 2) and Its overall so much more fun for me.

I briefly went back to my natural color in 2016. This only lasted about 8 months.

This was my hair after I went from blonde to brown.

This brown was done over top of bleached hair so after a while it washed out to a stepped brown color seen here. It looked like I had ombre hair because the top part was virgin hair and the bottom was once blonde.


How I Style My Hair/Products I Use:

75% of the time my hair is in a messy bun. The other 20% of the time its down straight. The last 5% of the time it’s curled.

I use dry shampoo, hair spray, heat protectant, shampoo & conditioner. Thats it. I’m simple.

The Bleaching Process:

This is my hair after I bleached it the first time in June 2012. We (Me and my Mom) did it ourselves at home.

Now, it’s just a matter of keeping it up. Special Thanks to my sister for doing all the work.

Before Bleaching… Very dirty, greasy frizzy hair. Like my outfit? Warning the bleach will ruin clothes so I have a special outfit fir bleaching. 

Here, is all the tools you need for the bleaching process.


  • Toner on the first left. T18 is the color.
  • To the right of the toner is developer.
  • Next to that is powdered bleach.


  • Mixing bowl
  • Gloves
  • funnel
  • squeeze bottle
  • measuring cup
  • hair color brush


The process starts with applying the bleach/developer mixture to the roots and just the roots.


After you apply the bleach start the timer. Then put a plastic bag over it and start blowdrying it on high. The heat activates the bleach so it goes faster. Your head will get super hot. Just keep it blowing evenly all over for about 5 min. Then check it to see where it’s lifted to.


Once it looks pretty close to the color you desire, just a tad more yellow then you would like wash it out. I use regular shampoo and regular conditioner for this. Then towel dry.


This is what it should look like, very yellow. While it’s still wet mix your toner and developer and put that in the squeeze bottle. Then apply it to the whole head making sure you get the roots really good. Then leave it on for 8-12 min.


Next, you wash out the purple toner and your done! Here is the finished product. Still a little wet but mostly dry and very blonde!



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