My Life in Cell Phones

I started my cellphone career in the 4th grade. My Dad’s work had 2 cellphones that still had minuets left on them and my Dad gave them to me and my sister to use to call my Mom and Dad if we needed them.

They were Cricket Nokia Phones with interchangeable faceplate and a karabiner on the back… It looked something like this…

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 4.06.42 PM.png

I had this phone till about the 6th grade when my parents got me a Sprint  flip phone on their plan.


I had this phone till about 8th grade when my sister got a new phone with Verizon and I got the free phone that came with it.

This phone was indestructible. I sent millions of texts on it and i was pro at it. It even doubled as a MP3 player.

After this phone, in about 10th grade my parents blessed me and allie with new phone and got us EnV2’s from Verizon.

I broke 6 of them. Thankfully we had the insurance on them and I was able to replace each one for only 50$. I loved the full keyboard and felt so cool with it.

I had this phone for many years until I converted to an Apple iPhone after an unfortunate pudding-on-my-foot-so-i-put-it-in-a-sink-full-of-water-and-dropped-my-phone-in-it accident.

Behold. Apple addiction was growing. I remember I had a job at the time and make a deal with my parents that I would give them half of all my paychecks till the 300$ was paid off if they would front me the money for an iPhone 4.


I loved this phone the most of any of my iPhones. It was so cool to have my iPod and my Phone all in one. I loved the games and apps and internet access.

Next, I upgraded to an iPhone 5, then a 6, then most recently in 2017, I got my iPhone 7plus. I take it back, the 7plus is my favorite thus far. I use it more than anything and love love love the bigger screen.

I very very rarely go anywhere with out my cell phone. It lives in my hand, or bra or under my pillow at all times. I use it for everything from blogging to banking and everything in-between.

Though I am less game orientated now I still use it for entertainment.

What was your first cell phone? What was your favorite cell phone?





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