My Makeup Routine: Updated 2018 Edition

Well, I did a post about my makeup a while ago and everyone seemed to like it so here is my day to day make up routine.


Here is my before make up picture. I hate showing this to you but its gotta be here to show the difference makeup can do. So this is me, clean face, just rocking a little moisturizer.

Step 1: Foundation

  • Primer all over my whole face, including eye lids, applied with my fingers.
  • Currently I bounce betweenIMG_8313
    • Elf Pore less
    • Pore Adjusting
    • Urban Decay Optical Illusion.
  • Next is foundation, I bounce between (applied with a fishtail brush)
    • Elf Acne Foundation
      • So good for the price, full coverage and docent oxidize until like hour 8.
    • Dream velvet by Maybelline
      • A lighter coverage foundation yet still full coverage kinda.
    • Tarte Amazonian Clay
      • Overall, an amazing foundation total coverage that doesn’t feel like you are weighed down with make up. Hard to get off though. Needs more than a make up remover wipe.
    • L’Oreal Infallible Total Coverage
      • I like this foundation when I have acne.
    • If I don’t wanna wear full make up I wear the Maybelline BB cream and powder and go.


Step 2: Bronzer/Highlighter/Blush

  • Next comes the Powder/Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter
    • I apply them with the brushes here, I got the fancy ones on Amazon for 12$ they are so nice! I have even washed them and they held up so I am a happy camper.
    • I apply powder to my wet face after I spray with Urban Decay setting spray and smooth it out with a Elf powder brush. (3rd in from the right)


  • I apply my Air Spun powder to my wet face and sometimes if I want a little more coverage I use Covergirl Loose Powder.
  • Next, I use either my Urban Decay Naked Blush/Highlighter/Bronzer or my Sephora Bronzer, Sephora Highlighter pallet and Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush.
    • I choose depending on what mood I’m in. Lol.
    • I love them both, however, the Tarte, and Sephora stuff is way more pigmented than the Naked stuff but when I travel I only take the naked becasuse it’s three in one.


Step 3: Eyes

  • I start my eyes with a little highlighter in the corner of my eye and on my brow line. Next, I apply some sort of base color to my lid and then the crease then blend. Usually, a golden color for the lid and a brownish/golden color for the crease.


  • I love my Urban Decay Naked Pallets. They are SO pigmented and so little goes so far so they last for a long time, it took a over a year to hit pan on my first most used color. I got the Urban decay mini pallet for Free from Sephora when I cashed in my points. The purple in it is amazing. Especially because I have green eyes.


  • Next come the eye liner. I wear eye liner on my top lid and thats all. Always black and always a attempt at a cat eye with a wing.
  • I bounce between…
    • Kat Von D – Tattoo liner
      • Last forever, doesn’t move from where you place it, doesn’t irritate your eyes at all and the one stick of it last like 8 months never drying out either.
    • Stila
      • This one is still good, but it bleeds as you wear it though out the day, and it irritated my eyes after a few hours. Also was expensive.
    • Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner.
      • This is the perfect in-between the first two. It’s good but not Kat Von D good. I will still use it but I don’t love love it enough to buy it again… if I’m being honest I will never not buy the Kat Von D, after trying other ones. It is clearly superior.
  • Next, is the mascara. I bounce between…
    • Rimmel London Shake it Fresh
      • I got as a gift and Its actually great mascara goes on good and stays on though out the day.
    • Great Lash by Maybeline
      • Terrible terrible applicator but long lasting cheep good mascara.
    • Tarte Light Camera Lashes.
      • Clearly the best of the three and the most expensive. I got it as a gift but it’s fantastic, it creates long lashes that don’t clump up and it does not flake off during the day.


Step 4: Lips

  • My personal favorite part of my makeup routine the finishing touch, Lippies.
  • Yes this is every lip product I own. I know my sister just cringed as I said that she owns 4 million lippies. I like matte liquid lipstick and it’s my favorite. I also light bright fun colors. (Sorry the picture turned out so dark.)



Well, there you have it my make up routine. This is the finished product, please do not judge my greasy hair I can’t wash it today because I am dying my roots tonight and i need dirty hair to bleach it. Also I’m sorry for the lighting I took the picture in my bathroom, I wanted the same lighting as the before picture for consistency.


What do you love about make up? What products are you loving or hating? Lemme know!


Also, here is a link to buy some of the brushes that I love on Amazon! Click the picture of them to buy! They are cheep in cost but expensive in quality! I personally recommend them!


2 thoughts on “My Makeup Routine: Updated 2018 Edition

  1. Nice post! I never bought the Naked pallets, but I have the Alice Through the Looking Glass UD pallet. I use it quite often and have yet to hit pan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! I am so dying to get that pallet, it looks amazing! Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for checking out my blog!


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