Kissing Before Marriage?/My First Kiss

I need new followers… so at the expense of my embarrassment here is a post all about kissing. My first kiss, to my views on kissing in a relationship and most of the stuff in-between.

My First Kiss:

I was 15 years old. A Freshman in High School. We, and by we I mean the Marching band were on a tour bus to Seattle from Spokane for a show. We were about half way there and playing truth or dare… naturally. As any stupid teenagers in a unsupervised bus would be doing. I was dared to kiss a boy. The boy was a boy I found attractive but didn’t have a crush on or anything, he was not even really one of my friends he was just another kid on the bus. I believe he is openly gay now but that’s besides the point. The bus had come to a stop in North Bend. The Wendy’s Parking lot. I was facing him in the bus isle nervous. He was blushing and laughing asking if he had a say in this. The answer was “no” according to the kids that were instigating the situation. So the kids started chanting “DO IT!, DO IT!” So I leaned in an pecked him on the lips. It was awkward and uncomfortable and we both could have lived with out it to say the least. But that was my first kiss.

Now, I know some of you are going to say “that was a dare it dosen’t count” so I will tell you the story of my second kiss. I was in my Mom’s car parked out in front my friends house. He was in the passenger seat with me and I don’t remember how it started but we ended up kissing… well, making out. Sorry, you had to read that Mom!

My View on Kissing:

Okay, now that I have your attention lemme get more serious and talk about how I feel about kissing. I believe that kissing is okay when you are dating.

Now, that being said if a guy I liked and myself started a relationship with the intent on seeing if we were fit to marry and he didn’t want to do anything more than hold hands till we where engaged, I would happily respect that and comply. I would really respect a guy for this.

But if It’s up to me I don’t think there is anything wrong with kissing and only kissing when you are in a relationship. Now, If you haven’t kissed anyone and have the chance to hold out till your married, go for it I think that is super cool and I almost wanna say I don’t want kiss another guy till I am engaged. How cool would it be to only know that person emotionally and have no physical relationship to distract you till you decide it’s forever.

I have only ever been in one serious relationship. It lasted over two years. I was ready to marry him.

I remember the first time we kissed. We where hangin out a group of us at the house of a lady he was house sitting for playing video games and such when everyone but the tow of us had started a conversation in the kitchen. So I leaned in and kissed him. I totally caught him off guard and it was hilarious. We had been dating about three weeks when we first kissed. I was nervous to kiss since it had been like 5 years since my high school shenanigans. But, eventually I got over it.

Do I regret kissing him? Yes and no. I regret the relationship because it ended up being a waste of my time since he had no intentions of marrying me, but I enjoyed it at the time.

One Step Further… ?

Touchy subject… I believe that the line is drawn at kissing on the lips, till marriage. Now, I believe there is a lot of passionate kissing that can be done and still stay in the realm of appropriate. But I still believe in the line being drawn at clothes on, hands in places that can be seen, kissing. Now, I must confess I didn’t always follow this thought pattern and I didn’t follow it because… I was being stupid. No one is to blame but me… and a little bit alcohol. But none the less, it was wrong thinking. Thankfully, I choose after the relationship ended and the smoke in my head cleared… that I wanna draw the line at kissing and not as much as a toe will cross that line till I say I do. Thank you Jesus for clarity on this subject.

So… tell me about your first kiss? How old were you? Where did it happen? Where do you draw the line of whats okay before marriage? Let me know!




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