My First Blog Post EVER! (Blog:Welcome2mylife)

I stated blogging in 2011. IT started with a blog titled Welcome2mylife. I still have access to this blog but it’s not readable to anyone but me. When I closed it in late 2013 I had 21,000 age views and like three followers. I did not promote this blog accept to a few close friends. It was my outlet, a place I could just write and write and write, talk though things and feel better.

This was the first post I posed on that blog. I will post things from it from time to time. Enjoy.

In The Beginning…

Thursday, February 24th 2011

I stole that quote… Think he will mind? Probably not. Well Hi, I’m Aryk. I am 18 and live somewhere in the United States, and I am a HXC Christian. Im also incapable of spelling anything correctly and I don’t honestly care. If you comment correcting my spelling your comment will be deleted. (You know who you are). I am keeping this blog for a lot of reasons. One is so I can just talk freely and not be judged. Two I want to be encouraging to people, I want ppl to read this and go wow if she can trust god so can I. And also in 50 years I wanna read it to my kids and be like this is what I was thinking way back when, that kind of thing… So a little about me. I love music, speak a little French, play guitar (sorta), play flute, and play baritone/euphonium I also like to sing I don’t tell anyone that, I think my dog may know… anyway. I also love to write. I keep a hand written journal and a blog, but you already knew about the blog… So get to know me, I have big plans in life I plan to take the world by storm and change it for the better in Jesus name. If you have questions about me I am happy to answer them to the best of my abilities. Get ready to see Gods Power and Happy Reading!


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