Remember Why You Started

Law school was not an easy journey for me. I fact it’s been the hardest thing I have ever done.

When it came time to decide a major in undergrad I choose business, I was 17, I had no idea so I picked business, general enough. Thats what my parents did for a living. It made sense.

When I wasn’t admitted to the business program, I was heart broken. Then God showed me Economics. One meeting with a Econ professor and I switched to Economics where I thrives as a student, I loved what I was doing.

Then came time to take the LSAT and apply to Law school, I took the LSAT, and did okay. Nothing special. So I applied and was rejected from every school I applied to. So I retook the LSAT, and scored a little better, still rejected. I had a high GPA, but a semi low LSAT score. No one wanted me.

I gave up the dream. I didn’t think I could be a lawyer so I choose paralegal and stated my paralegal studies. I hated every second of it. It was this watered down curriculum of law. I didn’t wanna study to be anything but a lawyer.

I remember sitting down with my Dad all defeated and said, I can’t get this lawyer thing out of my head or my heart. He said “then let’s fight for it.”

So I studied for the LSAT and took it again, did a little better. Then I started applying again. I poured my heart in to the application. I figured I would be 100% me and if they didn’t like it then at least I was genuine and gave it all I had.

Then we met with the dean of U of I, 2nd closest Law school to home. He said “go ahead and apply.” I didn’t even apply to GU (the closest school to home. . GU was the reason me and my ex broke up and he had done a year of law school there, and his class was going to be 3L’s this year and I didn’t wanna be known as ####’s ex girlfriend. So U of I was the next best thing.

One month later I was pulling in to work at a car dealer I was working for and I was early so I parked and started checking my email, I scrolled through and saw one from admissions and the first word read “congratulations.”

I about cried. I forwarded the email to my family then called my Mom.

My dream was coming true.

Now I am a 1L on spring break, tired and resting.

I’ve had no motivation to do anything it all just seems to hard. So I was looking through my photos and this one caught my eye.

“Prove them wrong” written on the law school rejection letters.

I got something to prove. I’m going to go for it. I’m going to give it everything I got and some borrowed strength.

Why? Because I couldn’t get this lawyer thing out of my heart or off my mind and that means something.

I started to follow my heart. I will finish knowing I gave it everything I had.

No matter the outcome I will survive and survive to serve the lord.

To everyone that said I can’t.

Actually, I can!


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