My First Love

I use to think more than a year was a long relationship. But then I spent 2.5 years in a relationship that ended. I was madly in love with a man I honestly felt like he was the one and I could see my self spending forever with him. He was perfect in my eyes. I had everything I ever wanted, but it was a relationship that was not build on a foundation of the Lord. I had a relationship with the lord but I can’t say I knew what his relationship with the lord was. Sure we went to church together and talked about Jesus and how we would raise our kids in the church but we never prayed together, we never sought after God as a couple.

Our demise was was in the end both our faults but it started when he choose a career over me. That told me where is loyalties were and I could never get over that.

I still pray for him. I pray he finds the love of his life and that he grows in his relationship with the lord.

Im telling you this so you don’t make the mistake I did. Start your relationships with Jesus. Pray together, learn and grow in your faith together. Study the word together. I wish I had, maybe if we had things would have been different but it’s time to move forward.

Move forward in to the arms of Jesus and hopefully to the man the lord has chosen for me.

Getting over my first love is one of the hardest things I have ever done. But we learn and we grow, and we move forward.


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