WW Day 1: Reflection

This morning I signed up for weight watchers. Well I actually did it from bed at like 11:30 last night. I get really motivated at bed time. Anyway I added everything I ate yesterday and it was a train wreck. Yesterday was Hunter’s (my little brother) graduation/birthday and we celebrated with a steak dinner and ice cream cake.

I am allotted 31 points a day. I used 84 yesterday. How is that even possible you may ask, well I drank 2 Dr. Peppers and like 5 tbs of A1 sauce and about 20 french fries, thats how. Clearly I need to change.

Today was derailed by my midnight snack of grape juice and a ranch turkey wrap.

So far things have not been great. I eat when Im bored and thats a terrible habit. But I have got to break it.

I wanna change. I don’t want to be fat. I hate how I look. I have stopped wearing makeup cuz I don’t think I look better with make up on. I don’t do my hair because it doesn’t hide that I’m fat either. I’ve just been wearing athletic shorts and t-shirts because thats comfortable and easy. I don’t enjoy wearing cute outfits because it’s so hard to find clothes that are trendy and fit. This is taking away from my life and it stops today. All those cliche says like “It will not taste as good as skinny feels” and “moment on the lips, forever on the hips” they are all true. I am not going to let food control me. Its substance that fuels my life, not happiness or joy or peace. In fact it has the power to destroy those things.

Life is giving me an opportunity to have the time to work on my self and I am taking it. Enough is enough.

Though it was not a great day food wise it was a step in the right direction. I’m not going to expect results today, tomorrow, or even in a week, or month. I’m just going to make better choices. This is a lifestyle change not a diet. My body is a temple not a land fill. It’s time I treated it as such.

If you wanna follow my weight loss journey check out my instagram account especially for it.



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