Monday: Weight In #1

So about two weeks ago I was at the doctor for a med refill and they weighed me, my favorite thing… and I was at my all time high. Then I got strep throat and didn’t wanna eat anything, after that I started whole30 and followed that 80% till yesterday when I started weight watchers.

Now, I weighted my self this morning. I bought a working scale yesterday and I’m making Mondays my weight in days. I’m down 8 lbs from that all time high at the doctor two weeks ago.

Up until about three weeks ago I was on a medication that the side affects were weight gain and trouble losing weight. I needed the medication still do, but now we have switched to a similar med that does not have such side effects. I know that med was holding me back because I went from two energy drinks a day to zero, in April and lost no weight.

I know weight it just a number and I know it maters more how I feel and how clothes fit and the energy I have. But, that being said it feels damn good to have some sort of start to this battle.

8 pounds down, a lot to go.


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