WW Day 7: Refection

A whole week on Weight Watchers. I have drank more Diet Coke this week than any week in my life. It’s been my go to when I want to eat something bad. My favorite thing had been Wendy’s Chili for 4 points. (I get 29 a day) I am officially down 13 pounds from my highest weight of my life. I bought dress pants last Sunday and they were a little snug, then wore then Friday and I was pulling them up. Thats my little #NSV (Non-Scale Victory.)

Although this is hard its been easier the last 2-3 days. I know more about the food I am consuming and how to snack on things that are little to no points. I miss fast food and sugar. I would give a lot of money to be able to have a turkey sandwich on a chunk of french bread. But you know I want to wear a swim suit and not look like a beached whale more. I have wanted to quit almost every day at some point or multiple points. The hardest point of the week was after my cat scratched my face when I had a job interview in the morning and I was anxious about it could not sleep so I got up and ate. BUT, it was veggie straws and fizzy water not Dr. Pepper and Doritos. That night I wanted to badly to just eat and not count my veggie straws but I reminded my self that I I needed too. So I at very least tracked it.

You know when something has been broken so long that you just get use to it being broken? For me this has been my weight. It just seemed like such a huge hurdle to overcome that I decided not to try to overcome it. That changed. That picture of me at Hunter’s graduation was my reality check. I saw myself as the “fat sister” and that lit a fire under my overweight ass. I’m a very determined person. I go to great lengths to accomplish what I want. Sometimes to a fault. Now, I want to be healthy and I’m going to do it no matter the cost in time and effort. I’m worth it. I’m done treating my body like a land fill. More spinach less McNugget.

Got a blender this week. The Nuti-Bullet 600 watt. It’s the coolest thing in my kitchen. I can make 1 point smoothies that are dairy free all day long. They are so filling and yummy. I’ve been debating adding protein powder in my smoothies but I have no idea what I’m doing with them. I just wanna lose weight in the most healthy way. If anyone has any information on protein powder an amazon link would be appreciated.

Thanks for going on this journey with me. Its hard but being fat my whole life is harder.


2 thoughts on “WW Day 7: Refection

  1. Saw your Twitter posts- are you getting enough protein/fiber to stay full/not be hungry? Also, I don’t love their philosophy but 421reset.com has some good recipes that are generally focused on staying full while being super healthy.

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    1. Kyra Sims

      I don’t honestly know. But I am looking in to this and will figure it out… hopefully. lol


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