Monday: Weight in #2

I kicked butt this weekend and earned two blue dots for being in the healthy point range on my Weight Watchers app. Sadly, though I weighed my self this morning and I’m only down like 5 pounds from my highest. I know that seems like a big gain from being 13 pounds down but that is weight loss, it goes up and down and the goal is to keep going no matter what the scale says. I think I am up because I ate a 17 point taco yesterday. That was fulled with sodium. Granted I didn’t have much else yesterday to allow for such a dinner.

I am a little discouraged, I liked seeing 13 less pounds. But I know its a journey and that it takes time. So I will kick back with my Diet Coke and press on.

One thing, I have not been taking my measurements. I know I should because my dress pants are fitting a little lose and they were snug. That would be a good way to see some progress even when the scale does not see any. Maybe I will do that today.

I am supremely bored with my food choices. I eat the same 8 things all week. So This week I want to try at least one new recipy that is out of my comfort zone. I was thinking maybe WW Buffalo wrap things. I have never cooked with buffalo stuff and I really like it at restraunts so why not.

I’m finding that healthy food is trial and error in what I like vs. what I don’t like. The result has been me spending more money on food than I usually do. I want to avoid that, but I also don’t wanna be stuck in the same boring foods. That is beaming an balancing act.

Good news, is I still got a blender and I can just throw crap in is and it turns out amazing.  Todays venture will be trying adding Kale to my smoothies. hopefully it makes then a little more filling.

Quick questions, If… and that’s a big if… I was to film a little about my weight loss journey/my life would any of you watch it? Just thinking out loud. Let me know it the comments.




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