Things That Piss Me Off: (random order)

  1. Injustice in the legal system
  2. People that hurt kids and get away with low jail time or just probation.
  3. People that don’t vaccinate because it “causes autism.”
  4. People that are rude/make fun of people with special needs
  5. Not being prepared for something I could have prepared for.
  6. Low pay for good child care professionals/teachers
  7. Warm Mountain Dew
  8. When someone moves my home furniture without my consent
  9. Socks that fall off you heel
  10. Undershirt tank tops that are too short

Things That Warm My Heart: (random order)

  1. People that go out of their way to do something for a stranger
  2. Parents that do their very best to help their kids even when it’s hard
  3. Financial donations to those in need
  4. Adoption
  5. Overcoming addiction
  6. Giving your life to Jesus
  7. People choosing to keep going when they have every reason to quit
  8. Loving when you have every excuse not to
  9. Showing love to your enemies
  10. Respecting someone that things different from you (especially religiously)

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