Big Time Life Update

As you know I have not shared too much of whats going on in my life lately. I was surly not ready to share it with the world. so I didn’t. But I feel like I’m hiding now and I’m over that. So here you go.

No School: I dropped out of law school. I will not be continuing in the Fall, see this post for details.

New Job: In early July I started a job. Since I need to continue paying bills and eating I got a job. More of out of necessity than want to. But I got one none the less. After 2 interviews. One with a huge cat scratch on my face… Anyway, I did not get that job, they never even had the gall to call me and tell me. Whatever, didn’t want that one anyway. Second interview was actually 2 interviews for receptionist positions at Pullman Regional Hospital. One in Behavioral Health Clinic and the other in Heart Center.


I got the job as lead receptionist at Palouse Psychiatry & Behavioral Health, the behavioral health clinic owned by the hospital. So far I have to admit it’s hard. There is a lot to learn and a lot to take care of. Up side is I am being told that I rock the position and blow their minds with my work on a daily basis. So that feels good. Also I like that even though it’s small I’m helping people that desperately need help. There is a shortage of Mental Health professionals in the area and it’s sever. Bringing me to my nest topic.

ADHD Testing:

So after leaving the psychiatrist at U of I, I needed to go to one in the community. SO I was referred to one at Gritman in Moscow, and they called to schedule me and asked for the testing results of my ADHD diagnosis. Those papers do not exist. I have never been tested for ADHD, only ever screened, apparently.

So after determining that i have very crappy insurance for the summer before my new work insurance starts, I am going to WSU psych department for ADHD and autism testing. I know it seems backwards I’ve been treated for the two for like 6 years but they want a “official” diagnosis so I got to get one.

I am excited to be tested I like the affirmation that I am being treated fro the correct thing.

Things I didn’t Know:

I have carried the diagnosis of manic depressive disorder for about 5 years. I never knew what that meant till I stated working in Behavioral health. It’s Bipolar disorder. I’m unclear as it whether it’s I or II, because I fit the criteria for II not I but manic depressive is technically called Bipolar I.

Idk how I feel about that. I’m still processing.

No-one at work knows I have anything other than ADHD, I was worried I would be judged and they think I could not do the job or worse baby me trying to “protect me” at work. I don’t want that. I want to be treated like anyone else. Like a human being. So I kept it to my self.


Oh well, that’s my update. As always message me with questions!

-Ky ❤


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