I dont like the term New Years Resolutions. I don’t like that people start them and then quit 5 days in. So I wanna do something a little different. I wanna set new years goals. Because goals get accomplished resolutions just get tossed aside once they get hard. Also with goals, you have to make mini goals to achieve the big goals.

My goals:
Below is a list of my 2017 Goals. I want to talk about each, and since it’s my blog, I get to. Lol

The first few are weight loss related. I have wanted to lose weight basically since the 7th grade. I really gained a lot in law school as a result of stress eating and eating poorly since I was first time on my own and all that. So I wanna lose that weight first. Since moving in with my sister, I have lost about 15 lbs but the holidays I gained about 5 of that back so new year and we are going to lose 75 lbs. Yes, 75 lbs. I know that is a lot of weight. And no that won’t even put me at my goal weight. But it will put me a lot closer to where I need to be to be healthy. So the reasoning behind the dates. 40 lbs by June 30th, see we have a family reunion this summer and I wanna wear a swimming suit and not feel like a beached whale. Therefore the 40 lbs by then. The reason for the 35 lbs for the rest of the year is to allow some sort of a break from the rigor of the 40 lbs the first part of the year.
I have some loose plans for rewards at each goal. I was thinking After 10lbs in February, I would buy myself some new jeans or a new bra, which ever is most ill fitting after the 10lbs lost. Not sure what I am going to do for the 20 lbs in march maybe treat my self to some new running shoes or something like that. But the goal I am really excited for is the 40 lbs. I wanna see how I look there but after 40 lbs I am thinking I will buy myself a new swimming suit AND pierce my belly button. I love the look of the belly button piercing in a swimming suit I just have always thought that there was no way that was for me since… I’m fat and have stretch marks. Yes, lovely stretch marks from being fat. The joy that they are to all. Permanent reminders of my lack of self control and poor eating habits. Anyway, if at 40 lbs lighter things are looking significantly different then I will go for it. Sorry Mom. I still plan to go for it even if i still have to buy a one piece swimming suit too. Lol I know it defeats the purpose but sometimes its important to do things for yourself and not for anyone else and I want the piercing damn it so when i reach my goal i’m doing it. Obviously, the water intake and the slight cut down on pop are mini steps to the weight loss.
The other goals, the bible reading and the journaling are also self improvement goals. I want to grow my heart closer to the lord and at the same time become more educated in the word it self. I’m not attending a church right now and i think it’s important that I get weekly, even daily, exposure to the word. I also like the idea of going to the source for my information on the word. Not some pastors interpretation but my own interpretation, if that makes sense. Not so say I have anything against church or pastors. I support a few churches and follow them online, and love and support a few pastors and think they have very valid beautiful insightful interpretations of the word and those interpretioans needs to be heard. What I am trying to say is that everyone needs to go to the source themselves and let God speak to you personally though your personal interpretations of the word, IN ADDITION to the intrpeations from pastors and churches. Below is the way I have chosen to read the bible this year. I choose this method for two reasons, one it allows you to miss a day or two with out falling behind and then worrying about catching up. And two it really lets the word sink in. I have been doing this so far every day this year and every time i read it I get something new out of it. I choose the new testament because well, I don’t have a reason. I just figured why it was a good place to start and its where my Dad started when he started this reading plan and I liked the idea of conversing with him on it so I guess thats why I started where I did.
Let me know your new years goals. How do you wanna go about improving yourselves? Whats important to you this year?
Happy New Year, and may your year be filled with good things and the love of Jesus.

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