Law School: Organizational System

School organization is an art form. I am not an artist, okay maybe a little. At very least I am very interested in the art. So because I can never find what I am looking for on Pinterest I am simply going to make my own post about how I organize my school stuff.

Binders For Each class:
I have a binder for each class and each binder has tabs in it. There will be pictures below. The tabs are in this order.

  1. Loose Leaf paper for notes
  2. Class notes in order by date
    1. For note taking I take notes on loose leave college ruled reenforced holes paper. I put the date class and what the page is (class notes) as my heading then highlight big topics and case names then bullet information beneath the big headings/cases.
  3. My syllabus for the class
    1. I cross off dates as the pass and highlight due dates.
  4. Case briefs
    1. I print a brief for every case I read. The brief is usually a combo of my notes and a commercial brief.
  5. Handouts
I like having a binder for each class. I would love to have ti all in one binder but no such binder is big enough, since it won’t all fit in a 2 inch and a 3 inch does not fit in a backpack with textbooks.
I think a planner is a detrimental part of school organization. I would die if my planner disappeared. It keeps all my classes assignments and due dates, appointments and dates. Also it keeps my outlining schedules for each class as well as weekly todo lists. Planners are amazing.
To do List:
I do a color coded weekly todo list. Mine looks like this… the colors tell me what class it is the dat tells me the due date and the assignment tells me what to read.
This is a weekly spread for my planner.
This is my weekly todo list, I have it taped in my planner.
This is all my books and binders for my classes this semester. Well, Minus one book I forgot
This is my notes section for my Criminal Procedure class.

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