Organizational Systems: Law School Edition

I will forever love organization. I know that sounds contradictory considering I have ADHD but let me explain. When I was a child I was very disorganized. I never kept a planner, I threw things in my backpack and let them get crumpled up at the bottom, I lost assignments and was getting bad marks in school because of my lack of organization. My 4th grade teacher and my parents reprimanded me to the point where I feared disorganization so I adapted by being overly organized. Now I don’t blame them mate reprimand is the wrong term, they formally encouraged organization. Now, it literally scares me to not know exactly where things are. Hence, I keep everything in its place. Live with my planner, I nearly sleep with the thing.
That being said I have learned to love organization and embrace it’s clean and neat characteristics.

Anyone who has done any research on the topic of organization in relation to school can tell you that there is a million ways to set up and keep an organizational system in school. I feel I have tried every system over the years; every binder, notebook, folder and planner there is. But I never found true peace in a single system. Sure I could adapt and make due with whatever system I was working with at that time but still I never found a system and loved it whole heartedly.
I think that I never found a system that I loved because I never a build a system, for the way that my brain worked. I always jus was a chameleon adapting to my surrounding comforting for fear of losing things.

Now, I would nearly call my-self a professional student. I have completed 14 years of primary education (K-12), 5 years of college and a semester of graduate level education. Needless to say I am experienced in schooling. Anyway, I decided if not now then when? Now is the time I build my very own school organization system.

I started at the base of my organizational system. My planner. I researched planners for days. Finally, I saw a post on Pinterest that read “How I Found Planner Peace” now that peaked my interest. It was a blog post on Bullet Journals. Now I won’t go in to what a Bullet Journal is or anything but basically it’s a planner that is adapted to how you r mind works. At least that’s how I understand it. So I built one. Okay, you caught me I built 4 before I was satisfied with one.

Anyway here is my Bullet Journal:

This is the cover, the back looks the same. Yes, I also have a wash tape problem. The star in the corner is so I can tell the front from the back.

The second picture here is of the first page where I have my Key, it’s at the bottom of the page so that I can add an Index at the top once it gets more full.

This is my monthly view it takes a full page before that month starts. This is where I track bills/birthdays and what day we are on. 

This is my weekly spread. It has each day of the week starting on Monday. Since in my mind a week begins on a Monday. Each day has three sections the top with medical reminders, the middle where I put meetings, events, appointments, Todo items and non assignment related things. The three section is broken up by class. I put the assignments that are due that day there, then cross them off as I do them. So if I’m on top of things the day should start with all the assignments crossed off. 
My question to you people my polite readers, is this… How do you organize you school stuff?
Binders for each class? One huge notebook? loose leaf paper and folders?
Also what planners do you guys use? What do you like about them? What would you change?

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