The Comeback?

I’m dragging my feet making this post. I don’t want people to think I’m running from thing to thing looking for something that I don’t need. Let me start with the facts.

Law School, was not for me. That became… evident.

After some time in prayer and misery floundering for a plan I looked for a job. I got one at the Pullman Regional Hospital, in the behavioral health clinic.

While working there, I realized this was not the future I wanted. So I started asking my self what I wanted and what I was looking for.

I knew I wanted a high level education that would allow me to help others with my skills, and knowledge of a field.

So after determining I needed a masters to get a PhD, I decided to go broad and get my MBA.

Since I have no interest in moving away, I limited my search to online, WSU, and I of U. Thats when I came across Capella University’s MBA, Flex-path. It’s a work as you go MBA program online.

I start September 10th.

I’m actually more excited for this than I was law school. I knew I was supposed to do this because of a multitude of reasons, but the important thing is I’m moving forward and I’m excited.

Bring it on.



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