#YOI: Day 14/365

Two weeks down.

8lbs down.

Feeling 110% better about my choices.

We have hit a little bump in the road. We don’t love the devotional we are currently doing so we are revamping this week. Using the Through the Word App.

We also added weekly sermon listening which I did this morning. Courtesy of Joel Osteen, and Lakewood church.

Also more planning of meals and better strategies preparation in meal planning. This way when I come home tired and hungry I can just go to my pre planed prepped meal and not to the “eat every thing but the kitchen sink” which was what I was doing still staying within my calories.

It’s hard. I will admit. I have wanted to quit. But then I remember how good its going to feel one year from now looking back and feeling better/healthier.

Dear Kyra,

You can do this. You are capable of being healthy. You are worth being healthy. You need to honor God with your body and if it’s too unhealthy to serve his needs then your failing. Serve as an example to every over weight girl out there who doesn’t think she can do it. Be the example that shows that it’s never too late to change to become the best you. Yes, you have a long road ahead but it’s a whole lot longer when you haven’t started. At least now you are started, and moving forward. Don’t worry about the time its taking, or the numbers on the scale, trust the process. Trust that the lord will help you when you ask for help. Trust that he will guide you though this, and help you.

Love you girl,







Guess who’s down 6.8 lbs? ME! Yes, I am down a total of 15 lbs from my all time highest in June. I am so happy. It’s really working. I just gotta keep going.

Devotional, Water, Calorie counting, exercise.

So far that seems to be the plan thats working.

#YOI (Year Of Improvment)

(Day 5 of 365)

As you all have probably noticed by now I fell off the Weight Watchers wagon. I got irritated with the same five healthy foods and slowly gave it up.

I’m back, thats the good news. I’m doing things a little different this time. I will detail my plan down below.

I am so fed up being fat. I can’t believe the weight I’d grown to. I could blame life, medications, stress, law school, work etc. but I blame Kyra. She did this all on her own. I knew the repercussions of my actions and I let it happen anyway.

The good news is that I’m changing. Not on a diet, I’m on lifestyle change. For the sake of fat girl out there, I’m changing. For the sake of the children I may raise one day, I am changing. I want a health relationship with food and exercise. Not a eat when your bored, run when your mad relationship. How can I raise healthy kids if I don’t know how to be healthy myself, or am not healthy myself thats hypocritical. I wanna practice what I preach.

A plan has been devised, and we are on day 5 of the 365. Started October 1st 2018.

The plan is better the following areas of my life. Food, exercise, relationship with Jesus and water intake.


Devotional: Daily devotional using the You Version bible app. I will follow daily devotional plans, various plans to make up one year. The first one is a 7 day plan called “Addicted to Busy.”

Water: Drink 60oz minimum a day with a goal of 80-100 oz of water. STRAIGHT WATER NO FLAVORS!

Exercise: I was doing 3000 steps a day according to my iPhone steps counter but I recently got the LETSCOM fitness watch (#veryfitpro) and I more then doubled that goal today so that may need revision. Clearly the iPhone was missing steps.

Food: Following #MyFitnessPal, I am allowed about 1700 calories a day. The goal is smarter choices and smaller portions. I was eating like a very hungry teenaged boy, eating out almost every day and literally no dietary restrictions  for what I was eating other than no dairy as I am allergic.

If you would like to follow me on this journey to healthy please check out my weight loss instagram @kyra_losing_it

Below are photos of my weight loss journal and weight tracker. The weight tracker is blurred so you can’t read the numbers. But each sticky is a pound to lose. So far we are down about 13 lbs. (Was down 17 from Weight Watchers, but gained 4 back.)

What are your healthy habits? How do you lose weight when you wanna drop a few pounds? Ideas for how I can be healthier? Lemme know in the comments.