#YOI (Year Of Improvment)

(Day 5 of 365)

As you all have probably noticed by now I fell off the Weight Watchers wagon. I got irritated with the same five healthy foods and slowly gave it up.

I’m back, thats the good news. I’m doing things a little different this time. I will detail my plan down below.

I am so fed up being fat. I can’t believe the weight I’d grown to. I could blame life, medications, stress, law school, work etc. but I blame Kyra. She did this all on her own. I knew the repercussions of my actions and I let it happen anyway.

The good news is that I’m changing. Not on a diet, I’m on lifestyle change. For the sake of fat girl out there, I’m changing. For the sake of the children I may raise one day, I am changing. I want a health relationship with food and exercise. Not a eat when your bored, run when your mad relationship. How can I raise healthy kids if I don’t know how to be healthy myself, or am not healthy myself thats hypocritical. I wanna practice what I preach.

A plan has been devised, and we are on day 5 of the 365. Started October 1st 2018.

The plan is better the following areas of my life. Food, exercise, relationship with Jesus and water intake.


Devotional: Daily devotional using the You Version bible app. I will follow daily devotional plans, various plans to make up one year. The first one is a 7 day plan called “Addicted to Busy.”

Water: Drink 60oz minimum a day with a goal of 80-100 oz of water. STRAIGHT WATER NO FLAVORS!

Exercise: I was doing 3000 steps a day according to my iPhone steps counter but I recently got the LETSCOM fitness watch (#veryfitpro) and I more then doubled that goal today so that may need revision. Clearly the iPhone was missing steps.

Food: Following #MyFitnessPal, I am allowed about 1700 calories a day. The goal is smarter choices and smaller portions. I was eating like a very hungry teenaged boy, eating out almost every day and literally no dietary restrictions  for what I was eating other than no dairy as I am allergic.

If you would like to follow me on this journey to healthy please check out my weight loss instagram @kyra_losing_it

Below are photos of my weight loss journal and weight tracker. The weight tracker is blurred so you can’t read the numbers. But each sticky is a pound to lose. So far we are down about 13 lbs. (Was down 17 from Weight Watchers, but gained 4 back.)

What are your healthy habits? How do you lose weight when you wanna drop a few pounds? Ideas for how I can be healthier? Lemme know in the comments.






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