#YOI: Day 14/365

Two weeks down.

8lbs down.

Feeling 110% better about my choices.

We have hit a little bump in the road. We don’t love the devotional we are currently doing so we are revamping this week. Using the Through the Word App.

We also added weekly sermon listening which I did this morning. Courtesy of Joel Osteen, and Lakewood church.

Also more planning of meals and better strategies preparation in meal planning. This way when I come home tired and hungry I can just go to my pre planed prepped meal and not to the “eat every thing but the kitchen sink” which was what I was doing still staying within my calories.

It’s hard. I will admit. I have wanted to quit. But then I remember how good its going to feel one year from now looking back and feeling better/healthier.

Dear Kyra,

You can do this. You are capable of being healthy. You are worth being healthy. You need to honor God with your body and if it’s too unhealthy to serve his needs then your failing. Serve as an example to every over weight girl out there who doesn’t think she can do it. Be the example that shows that it’s never too late to change to become the best you. Yes, you have a long road ahead but it’s a whole lot longer when you haven’t started. At least now you are started, and moving forward. Don’t worry about the time its taking, or the numbers on the scale, trust the process. Trust that the lord will help you when you ask for help. Trust that he will guide you though this, and help you.

Love you girl,





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